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Woman’s 'red flag' boyfriend faces backlash after telling her to put his name on house she bought

Woman’s 'red flag' boyfriend faces backlash after telling her to put his name on house she bought

Is it a 'red flag' if a boyfriend wants to be added to your house title?

A woman has been warned to take notice of a ‘red flag’ after her boyfriend asked to be added to the documents for a house she owns when they moved in together.

Now, moving in with a partner is a really big deal.

Whilst loads of us co-habit with our partners before we get married, usually it’s in a rental house or somewhere like that.

However, if you own your own house and invite someone to come in and live with you, does that entitle them to claim part ownership of the house?

Legally – of course – it does not.

So, when a woman approached realtor and social media influencer Erika Strong Rodri with a predicament like this, she told her to tell him that it’s ‘just a piece of paper’.

Is it a red flag? This realtor thinks so.

The woman explained: “My boyfriend just moved in with me, I bought this home a year ago by myself. He wants me to add him to the title since he will be paying for stuff around the house.”

In response, Rodri said: “No. Tell him It’s just a piece of paper.”

It’s your house, so unless he’s going to put up half the money for it, you don’t have to do anything.

These are the sorts of concerns that people in the comments have been raising, too.

One person suggested: “Ask him to refinance half the current market value in his name and that cash come to you.”

To be fair, that would entitle him to half the house and half the title, so is it really that unusual or unrealistic a request?

The deal has to work for both parties, after all.

Others have suggested that the whole thing is a massive red flag that should put her off the guy altogether.

“That’s a red flag! My friend is going through divorce, she got the house before marriage but now he says he is entitled to its 'growth value',” another person commented.

Then there’s the problem of any future break up.

It might not happen, but – as with everything – you never can be absolutely certain about what is coming down the pipe.

Particularly if one member of the relationship is already asking for half of someone’s house because they’re in a relationship.

Moving in together can be a big deal, but don't get taken for a ride.

A third comment warned: “Don’t do it sis! Doesn’t matter how much you love him. I’m currently dealing with custody of a dog not fun.”

Furthermore, others have gone further and suggested that she get a pre-nuptial agreement if she does decide to tie the knot with this bloke.

Here’s the expert advice though, as Rodri explained that if you get someone added to your house title, your house could become tied to their debt, even if you remove them.

One video overlay reads: “Reminder: if you add your BF or GF to the title of your house any of their future debt (that ends up in collections) could be tied to YOUR house – even after you remove them from the title.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@erikastrongrodri / Pexels

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