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Couple reveals they get ‘funny looks’ in public after being ‘mistaken’ for father and daughter

Couple reveals they get ‘funny looks’ in public after being ‘mistaken’ for father and daughter

Scarlett and Scott have been together for four years and are happier than ever

Relationships are hard and challenges can arise from anything small, but generational differences could make or break.

However, an Australian couple with an age gap of 32 years wants you to know what it’s really like before you decide to take the plunge.

Scarlett, 24 first began talking to Scott, 56, through a dating site in 2019 and didn’t expect it to lead anywhere tangible.

After struggling with her mental health, she decided to embark on a hunt for a friend on a ‘sugar daddy’ site to provide comfort.

Speaking to, she explained that the website led her to Scott, a Fly in Fly Out (FIFO) worker.

At first, they became friends, but soon something different emerged when they realised how easy it was to talk to one another and their common interests.

Now, they have been together for four years and despite their 32-year age gap, they couldn’t be happier.

The couple's 32-year age gap leads people to mistake them for father and daughter.

Scarlett is now a full-time housewife and explained to the publication: “My experience of dating younger guys was often a bit ‘wham, bam, thank you’ but often left me feeling empty.

“They did not have the patience to help me and often only focused on their needs.

“I honestly never thought of dating someone so much older. Initially, it was really exciting pushing the boundaries and taboos, but the way Scott treated me made me feel so special.

“I appreciated that he had the patience to listen to me and wanted to help me grow. The love for each other just seemed to blossom naturally.”

Scott has children who are older than Scarlett and has had three previous marriages but after a little hesitation about starting the relationship, he decided that life was too short.

He said: “We’ve had a few instances where people have mistaken Scarlett for being my daughter.

“We do get funny looks when we’re out in public sometimes, but we don’t care.

Scarlett and Scott share the same values.

“We met on a sugar baby/sugar daddy website, as we were both at pretty low points in our lives. We had both experienced toxic relationships and were looking for something different.

“But once we matched and met, money had nothing to do with it. It’s never been financial for us.

“It’s all about love, support and mentoring. We both had some sort of mental health issue at the start, and we’ve helped each other through it.”

The pair shared that they both had the same values and idea of a traditional relationship where Scott would take on the role of the provider whilst Scarlett could take care of the home and their animals.

Scarlett said: “At the end of the day, age is just a number.”

Hoping to break down the negativity attached to age-gap relationships, they want to help people to feel less alone.

She said: “Love doesn’t discriminate. We’re both happier than we’ve ever been and can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

Featured Image Credit: tiktok/agegap5ever

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