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25-year-old woman slammed by cruel trolls over relationship with 71-year-old boyfriend

25-year-old woman slammed by cruel trolls over relationship with 71-year-old boyfriend

A French-Canadian couple with a 46-year age gap say they 'wouldn't change' their relationship.

One woman in a relationship with a 46-year age gap has been facing the wrath of trolls online.

Despite 'age gap' relationships appearing to be on the rise this year, they often tend to invoke a lot of ire - which have lead many to come forward to defend their relationships with their older partners.

And the same is true for Fabienne, a 25-year-old woman who is currently dating Denis, 71, who says that people online often mistake him as her 'sugar daddy'.

However, the French-Canadian is adamant it’s love - and says she 'wouldn't change' their relationship 'for anything'.

Denis is a retired businessman who enjoys playing around with the stock market - but that doesn’t mean that Fabienne is living off his wealth.

She works as media personality, presenter and content creator in Montreal, Canada and holds her own financially.

Explaining on Love Don't Judge, the presenter shared how they both met each other at a charity event Fabienne was presenting at.

Fabienne and Denis have a 46-year age gap.
Love Don’t Judge/YouTube

Talking about when she first met Denis, she said: "My first impression was that he was different to other guys - the way he interacted and everything.

"I found it fascinating for someone his age. He was charming, so I fell for Denis."

But Denis has been consistently dating women who are younger than him for the last 22 years, and when he saw Fabienne, he found her 'stunning' and ‘really wanted to go out with her’.

After a little chat, the pair found that they were a match and Denis asked for her digits - and the rest is history.

They’ve now been together for 16 months and are even living together.

Denis also takes part in Fabienne's online content, such as TikTok and Facebook Live - which he describes as a 'new life' for him.

Fabienne said: "People have often said that Denis is my sugar daddy, especially since Denis and I openly talk about our relationship."

However, some of the comments they'd received also took a 'nasty' turn, with some accusing Fabienne of being a 'gold digger' and that due to Denis' age, he was 'going to die soon'.

And that's just a few - as Denis says there are a bunch more that they 'won't speak about in public'.

"We don't read those comments anymore, we don't want to waste our energy on that." Fabienne continued to say. "We've really created a life that's ours and I wouldn't change that for anything.

"We're having fun."

And although they know that their age gap means they may not last, they’re happy being together for now.

Featured Image Credit: Love Don’t Judge/YouTube

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