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People Are Sharing The Best Relationship Advice They've Ever Received

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People Are Sharing The Best Relationship Advice They've Ever Received

If you ask someone for relationship advice, it is highly likely they'll give you a cliché answer, which usually doesn't help you at all.

However, Reddit could be the place to go for help as some users have been sharing the best relationship advice they have received in the past that has actually helped their love life.

You probably won't be surprised that there isn't a single mention of love at first sight, love conquers all, or it comes when you least expect it.


Posting on Reddit, a user asked what the best relationship advice other users have been given.

The poster wrote: "For me, my grandfather gave me the best advice.

"He said, 'Choose two things to do around the house that she never has to ask you to do. Do the best job you can do and take pride in it but never draw attention to or complain about it. Just do it and expect nothing in return'.

"I cook dinner and do the dishes/cleanup cooking messes. It took my wife almost a year to notice. When she did however I would find my laundry was magically done on its own, folded and put away. When I told her she doesn't have to do my laundry she stated, 'You always cook and clean for me! I figured it was the least I could do!'.


"That's all the proof I need!"

The post received over 400 replies and users were shared some pretty good advice in return.

One user explained the advice they were given about arguments, writing: "It should never be 'You vs. Me' but rather 'Us vs. The Problem'."

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Another user also spoke about how to keep the excitement in the relationship, saying: "My grandpa always said 'make sure you date your wife (partner)'."

Offering advice on accepting your partner's quirks, a third user wrote: "If they regularly do something small that annoys you, first see if you are able to stop being annoyed by it before asking them to change."

Most of the advice given was quite deep and meaningful, however there were also a few little pieces of advice that might sound trivial but apparently have a big impact.

Just like this comment. "I'd like to add an odd one that has made an indelible impression on all of my friends wives, as well as my own: learn how to fold fitted sheets," the user shared.


"Seriously. It's strange, but for some reason my ability to fold a fitted sheet well has given me the 'best husband award' on many occasions."


Or you could also finish the hogging the duvet argument for good like another user has.

They said: "Not joking ... get two comforters or get an extra blanket for one of you for sleeping."


Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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