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Euro 2020: Woman's Partner Leaves Her Behind At Hospital To Avoid Missing Football

Euro 2020: Woman's Partner Leaves Her Behind At Hospital To Avoid Missing Football


Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

The 2020 Euros have finally drawn to a close, with Italy beating England in a tightly contested final that was only decided on penalties.

And while the England team's success was a huge deal to some of us based here in Blighty, it seems to mere thought of it 'coming home' has blown out people's sense of perspective entirely.

Take this poor woman on Reddit, for example, who felt she was at fault for asking her boyfriend to pick her up from surgery against England's semi-final match against Denmark.

England took on Denmark last week (
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Taking to the forum's infamous Am I The A**hole? thread, the woman, going by the username FemaleSaddle, explained the dilemma.

"Last weekend, I felt a wee bit poorly with what turned out to be appendicitis. We were away for the weekend with my partner so I had surgery at a hospital 3-4h away from home. I had a small complication during surgery so I had to stay until Wednesday. My partner returned work on Monday but he came back to pick me up."

"The timing was bad because there was an important football game and it was really important for my partner to watch it. I am not English so I don't quite 'get' the importance but it's a big deal for him and so important, I wanted to make sure he'd see the game. I suggested booking a room near the hospital so we wouldn't miss it due to the drive but he wanted to see the game at a friend's place. He said he'd make it."

Sports fans were keen to see the match with friends (
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However, the process of letting the woman get discharged from the hospital was lengthy, leading to her football fanatic boyfriend to get agitated.

"He had to wait outside so he was in his car the whole time because of Covid restrictions at the hospital," she explained. After a couple of hours he sent me a text that he had to leave or he'd miss the game. I begged him to not leave and reminded I could book a hotel. But he left without me, and luckily made it on time to see the start of the game. He said he'd come pick me up tomorrow.

"The hospital wouldn't let me stay another night or leave alone. Luckily, one of my friends came to get me in the end. She didn't get to the hospital until late and we got back to London around 2am. The whole time I was trying to call and text my partner but he only said we could talk about it today."

Despite trying to get ahold of her partner for the entire evening, he only gave her one WhatsApp in reply saying he'll pick her up later.

The man failed to respond to numerous WhatsApp messages (

And the next day, he had the audacity to be annoyed with her, rather than the other way round.

"He said I was the most selfish a**hole for constantly ringing and texting him during the game and that I ruined the game for him and embarrassed him in front of his friends. He said he cannot even look at me and that I bring so much drama with me it's humiliating to him. I feel at complete loss.

"I think I might be the a**hole for not understanding the cultural significance of football and asking my bf to do a completely unreasonable drive to pick me up. But on the other hand we could have watched the game in a hotel room and I wouldn't have been left alone in a hospital in another country? Am I the a**hole?"

Thankfully, the contributors of the thread hadn't lost their minds, and were quick to inform her she was not in the wrong at all for wanting to be picked up from hospital.

"You weren't being dramatic, you were being reasonable after being discharged from the hospital," one person said. "He is the dramatic one here, open your eyes."

:You were not being very dramatic. If someone abandoned me at a hospital after surgery I would be texting them nonstop to get back here and pick me up," a second agreed. "My partner could have paid tickets to see something he loved and he would drop that in a heartbeat to pick me up from a hospital if I needed it.

The woman's stomach pains had to result in surgery (

"This is such a huge red flag and you should at least re-evaluate the situation instead of blindly defending him."

A third added: "You're gaslighting yourself. You were abandoned at the hospital. After an emergency surgery. Your boyfriend could have listened to the radio, watched on his phone. Instead he decided to be 15 and prioritise seeing his FRIENDS over you.

"Next time an emergency comes, you'll know where he'll be. This guy is undependable and AH I can't even finish I'm so mad. The fact that he got mad at you for calling .... Jesus Christ.

"What were you supposed to do? Sit there and accept abandonment? Break up with him. For your safety. There are so many red flags.

"I've been where you are and it's so easy to be blind-sided. But you know, in your gut, what you deserve. (LOVE)."

Fingers crossed this thread helped the woman see sense about her dreadful boyfriend.

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