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Woman Forgets To Turn Off Camera As She Goes To Toilet During Conference Call

Woman Forgets To Turn Off Camera As She Goes To Toilet During Conference Call


Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Working from home is markedly new territory, and many of us are still getting used to the adjustment - but spare a thought for one woman whose toe-curling conference call gaff has now gone viral.

The woman, only known as Jennifer, had logged into a Zoom call with her colleagues but hadn't realised her camera had been running when she decided to go to the toilet.

Believed to be based in the US, Jennifer can be seen walking through her home before setting her laptop down on the floor in her bathroom.

As one colleague continues to talk, the woman proceeds to take her trousers down and sit on the toilet, causing a symphony of gasps among her co-workers.

After a few tense moments, one of her colleague (rather weakly) attempts to give her the heads up - before Jennifer notices her grave error and quickly turns the camera away.

You. Would. Die.

Firstly, what's with Jennifer's subpar colleagues for 1) not telling her sooner, and 2) posting it online for all to see? Jennifer, you deserve better.

Jennifer's colleagues are in fits of giggles in the now-viral video (

Either way, the unknown woman has attracted quite a fanbase since the video went viral, with the #PoorJennifer hashtag trending and people even calling the woman a "hero" and "national treasure".

"I'm sorry, but Jennifer is a hero. #IStandWithJennifer," wrote one person.

"I honestly hope poor Jennifer knows she is a goddamn national treasure for providing us all with such laughter in the middle of a global pandemic," penned a second.

"Do not hide from embarrassment. Instead take ownership, out the coworker who shared this as the creep they are, and know that you brought laughter to thousands in a very dark time," said a third.

Many are having to communicate with their colleagues via conference calls (
"We are all #poorjennifer these days. We're working crazy hours under extreme conditions with the literal weight of the world's future on our shoulders," opinion another.

"#PoorJennifer is the hero we all need right now. Thanks for the sacrifice with a little genuine oops. It caused me to belly laugh, and I needed that! Cheers to you," said another.

We agree, Jennifer, you're a legend.

*Note to self: always triple check camera.*

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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