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Furious Groom Sparks Debate After Kicking Sister Out Of Wedding Over 'No Children' Rule

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Furious Groom Sparks Debate After Kicking Sister Out Of Wedding Over 'No Children' Rule

Wedding planning can bring out the worst of just about everyone. We mean, the term 'Bridezilla' exists for a reason.

But, one husband was recently forced to question if he was a Groomzilla or not after getting into a huge argument with his family about the particulars of his special day.

Let us know what you think of this....

Sharing his story on Reddit's Am I The A*shole page, the man, whose name on the platform was u/TAway3577, wrote: "My wife and I got married two weeks ago. We wanted a child-free wedding so we've let everyone know...and everyone was okay with it. Except for my family."

The wedding was meant to be a child-free affair (Credit: Unsplash)
The wedding was meant to be a child-free affair (Credit: Unsplash)

The groom then went on to explain that he has three sisters, all with kids aged between two and 10.

"My mom said it was illogical to not allow kids since...this never happened in the family and my sisters live towns away so the kids can't be left alone," he continued.

"After a lot of arguing and others getting involved. I stood my ground and they agreed to not bring kids."


However, things went a bit haywire from there.

"At the wedding no one brought kids. My parents and aunts were already there. But then I saw my two sisters arriving with their kids. I immediately went to ask what's the deal," he said.

"They began arguing with me when I said I won't be letting them in with the kids. I saw my older sister came with her kids in the car. I was p***ed I asked why they decided to go against the rule and bring kids.

"My mom started yelling at me when I told my sisters they weren't allowed in with the kids. Everyone was yelling at me I had to get the security involved to make them leave. My parents and aunt left shortly after.

Kids were strictly not allowed (Credit: Shutterstock)
Kids were strictly not allowed (Credit: Shutterstock)

"They were so p***ed at me. I got nasty texts later and my cousin posted about my "sh*tty wedding" on [Facebook]."

"Days later. I've gathered the family and explained that what they did was wrong. I asked If I allowed my sisters with their kids what message does that send to my in-laws and friends who wanted to bring kids but they couldn't?

"My sisters argued with me and it turned out my mom told them to bring their kids and she'd deal with me later.


"I told them they could've arranged for a babysitter but my mom said they wanted to celebrate as a whole family."

The groom ended by writing that his family had now left him with an ultimatum - throw another celebration with kids invited or risk denting their relationship forever.

He ended the post by asking if he was in the wrong...

The children and their parents were sent away by security (Credit: Shutterstock)
The children and their parents were sent away by security (Credit: Shutterstock)

Taking to the comments, many people were quick to reassure the newlywed he had done nothing wrong.

"Your mum and sisters are amazingly horrible," one person wrote. "How is it that your mum basically contradicted your requests and your sisters don't care too?

"Getting security to escort them out is humiliating for everyone, and they have now made your special day a horrible one. I'm sorry for you."

"To be extra clear: THEY ruined your wedding but completely disregarding your wishes. Your mother intentionally sabotaged your wedding and your sisters went along with it. If they are unhappy with the results that is on THEM," said another.

As a third concurred: "From what it sounds like the couple made their expectations very clear. I understand your point of the sisters all having kids however the couple shouldn't have to change the wedding of their dreams to make others happy.

"The sisters had plenty of time. If my mother ever told me to go against my brother and future sister in laws wishes for their wedding I would have enough sense to talk to my brother about it. The sisters are just as responsible as the mom."

As a fourth agreed: "Child free weddings are very common and it is not up to the bride and groom to figure out babysitting for the kids that aren't invited. Kids hate weddings anyway. Not every place is meant for kids, that's not how the world works."

But, there were others who thought it wasn't as black and white.

The wedding hadn't been planned to factor in kids (Credit: Shutterstock)
The wedding hadn't been planned to factor in kids (Credit: Shutterstock)

"Having a 'no kids allowed' wedding that excludes your nieces and nephews is pretty crappy," one wrote. "Not to mention I'm sure a lot of people would only trust family to watch their small children overnight, and who is supposed to do that when their family is also at the wedding?"

Meanwhile, a fellow Redditor penned: "Technically you're right here - they broke 'the rules.' But you still chose to escalate.

"You called security on your family and your own parents, aunt, and siblings basically fled your wedding because you were so mad and inflexible. IDK, I feel like this could have played out in so many different, less dramatic ways."

"I'm pretty surprised at how much support [the poster] is getting over this," another agreed. "He turned those kids away and a ten year old is definitely going to feel that.

"How's that kid going to feel their uncle didn't want them there? They don't care about spread sheets and billing, just that their uncle had their parents escorted by security.."

It's definitely not a clear cut debate. Who is the a**hole? The jury is still out...

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Joanna Freedman
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