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Resident sparks debate after calling out neighbours for using washing machine at 4am

Resident sparks debate after calling out neighbours for using washing machine at 4am

The noisy neighbour was met with backlash after being called out for their washing habits

A resident living in a block of flats inadvertently started an online debate after they called out their neighbours for using the washing machine at 4am.

When do you prefer to do your washing? Maybe on a Sunday? In the morning? Personally I'll chuck it on during any waking hours, though 'waking hours' is definitely the key phrase there.

Generally, 4am is considered a time to sleep rather than do your washing, but not everyone agrees with that belief.

I know that thanks to this particular resident, who called out their neighbour in a notice posted on the front door of their block of flats.

The notice was spotted by a Reddit user who took a picture of it and shared it online, explaining they were 'neither the neighbour nor the note leaver'.

The note read: "Dear Neighbours,

"4am is not an acceptable time to use a washing machine. I have been woken up several times with your washing machine. Please stop! Refrain from using the washing machine before 7am. I have been woken up on too many occasions. This is very unfair when people are working."

So, what do you make of this note? The first thing that springs to mind for me is that 4am might be the perfect time to do your washing if you work night shifts and might be asleep from 7am, though as someone who loves sleep, I have to admit that I wouldn't love being woken up by the sound of a whirring machine at 4am.

Anyone a fan of a late-night wash?
RDNE Stock project/Pexels

The Reddit user who shared the image admitted that they too were struggling to choose a side, writing: "This was on the front door to our block of flats - can't decide whose side I am on."

The post sparked a debate among other Reddit users, with one person pointing out that the neighbour might be using the machine at night to save money.

"Do you have a day rate and a night rate for electricity?," they asked, adding: "If [the neighbour's] night rate starts at midnight like mine does, [they're] probably setting the washing machine to start then to save some money on the electric (like I do)."

Others, however, weren't so understanding.

"Common courtesy of apartment living is don’t make unnecessary noise during the night," one person stated, while another added: "I agree. Especially in apartment buildings, 4am is unacceptable. My whole f**king flat shakes when someone's washer is on. Worst part is my building is brand new!!!"

So, whose side are you on?

Featured Image Credit: Kinga Kzeminska/Getty Images/Reddit/its_crayg_not_creg

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