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Piglet The Pink Blind And Deaf Puppy Is Inspiring Kids To Be Inclusive

Joanna Freedman

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Piglet The Pink Blind And Deaf Puppy Is Inspiring Kids To Be Inclusive

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/pinkpigletpuppy

Tell us you've ever seen a cuter doggo than Piglet...


This pastel pooch was rescued from a shelter in Connecticut by owner Melissa Shapiro, and is sadly both blind and deaf.

At first, Piglet was hard work to look after, but while vet Melissa was only supposed to be fostering the tiny 1lb dachshund-Chihuahua for a couple of months, they soon formed such a bond that it became clear that he wasn't going anywhere.

Melissa is looking after seven pups Credit: Instagram/ @pinkpigletpuppy
Melissa is looking after seven pups Credit: Instagram/ @pinkpigletpuppy

Piglet is pink because he's born from two dapple coloured parents, and is one of the rare 25 per cent of offspring that is born "double-dapple".

The unique pooch first lived among 35 other puppies, but is now accustomed to the high life in a much smaller family of seven dogs.

Owner Melissa says she knew instantly she wanted to give the little pink pup a purpose in life.

And she's helped him do just that - gaining him over 117,000 followers on his personal Instagram and helping him to become a puppy-influencer - used in schools as an example to help little kids to learn to accept differences.

Starting off in a Massachusetts school, one third-grade teacher coined the term 'Piglet Mindset', encouraging kids to learn they could overcome adversity by thinking like him.

Credit: Instagram/ @pinkpigletpuppy
Credit: Instagram/ @pinkpigletpuppy

"Piglet was so inspiring to the children that they decided as a class to use Piglet as their growth mindset role model and face each day in a "Piglet State of Mind" to grow as students and individuals," Melissa said.

"When problems arise at home, the children's parents describe their kids asking 'What would Piglet do?'".

Piglet's story is now told in several schools, and a whole string of teachers have got on board, using him to teach inclusivity and determination.

Speaking to Pretty52, Melissa added: "Piglet is a determined little guy. He lets nothing stop him. We accommodate his disabilities which allows him to succeed.

Credit: Instagram/ @pinkpigletpuppy
Credit: Instagram/ @pinkpigletpuppy

"He has a magnetic charm and he is down right adorable. The kids can't get enough of him. This is how they then relate to the Piglet Mindset lessons."

She went on: "The teachers who have chosen to present Piglet to their students are exceptional extraordinary teachers. They play a key role in pulling the kids in."

While Melissa has been instrumental in helping tell Piglet's story, creating presentations and 'Piglets Packs' for teachers to use, she claims the reason he's such a good role model is also down to his "fiesty, active" personality.

"I think that's part of the reason he is so happy despite is challenges," she said.

Credit: Instagram/ @pinkpigletpuppy
Credit: Instagram/ @pinkpigletpuppy

Piglet's mission has now extended beyond schools, and his birth into an overcrowded home is also being used as an example on the importance of neutering dogs and cats.

His disabilities demonstrate the consequences of double-dapple/merle breeding, while his incredible new life is also proving the importance of adopting.

The pup's platform has also helped fundraise for special needs dog rescues and other nonprofit organisations.

When he's not working hard spreading his message, Piglet also loves nothing more than a night in with his family.

"He is also very affectionate and loves to be held and snuggled," Melissa said. "He sleeps on my shoulder wrapped in my arm. There is nothing sweeter than Piglet in sleeping mode."

We're obsessed. What a special pup.

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Joanna Freedman
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