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Mum Slammed By Furious Shopper Who Thinks She’s Trying To Sell Her Baby Online

Mum Slammed By Furious Shopper Who Thinks She’s Trying To Sell Her Baby Online

The doll does look really, really, real to be fair...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A mum got quite a shock when she went to sell a children's doll online, only to be branded a "piece of trash".

Jade Cowley, 24, innocently took to Facebook Marketplace to try and flog the very lifelike Reborn Doll - which belonged to her four year old daughter - but was hit with a furious response after one woman thought the 19 inch figure was an actual baby.

Mum Jade was branded 'trash' as a shopper thought she was selling her baby
Kennedy News and Media

Jade's original advert read: "Unsure how much she's worth, please help.

"Baby lavender, comes with certificate, clothes and a bracelet, hardly been touched."

But the hairdresser, from Port Talbot, Wales, was stunned with one reply she received.

The Reborn Doll looks crazily lifelike
Kennedy News and Media

A confused shopper named Rose angrily wrote back: "Is this still available? You want to be utterly f***ing ashamed of yourself, wanting to sell this gorgeous baby girl."

She then went on to write some pretty obscene comments that we've literally had to censor, about how Jade shouldn't have had a child if she was going to sell it.

Before signing off: "You're [a] disgusting piece of trash."

We don't know whether to laugh or cry, to be honest.

The Reborn Doll is still for sale on Facebook Marketplace
Kennedy News and Media

Re-telling the shopper's unfortunate blunder, she said: "I bought the reborn doll last Christmas for my daughter.

"With it only being 10 months old and hardly touched or played with, I decided to sell it so I could put it towards new gifts for Christmas.

"I wasn't sure how much I would get for her as she wasn't old and in very good condition.

"I reached out on Facebook to see if some professionals could give me a rough idea how much I would I would get for her.

Jade was stunned when a furious shopper sent her an obscene message
Kennedy News and Media

"I had people message me and help me out with the pricing.

"My initial advert didn't state it was a reborn doll, hence why she didn't know, but no normal person would sell a child.

"I changed the advert after all the comments and message from Rose and I added the price she was worth."

While she was taken aback by the raging comment, Jade was quick to set the record straight.

"It's a doll [laughing face]," she simply wrote in response.

"So yes Rose, take your stinking attitude elsewhere and read the description before you go bumping your gums."

Jade had the best response to the furious troll
Kennedy News and Media

LOL. Well, that clears that up, then.

Jade has yet to find a new home for the realistic-looking doll, which experts have estimated is worth between £180 and £250.

So if you fancy buying it, you still can. We must stress, it's 100 per cent NOT alive, though.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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