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Mum sparks debate after slamming 'inconsiderate' shopper who didn't let her cut in line

Mum sparks debate after slamming 'inconsiderate' shopper who didn't let her cut in line

She took to TikTok to vent about the ordeal

Doing the food shop can be a right mare at times, with many of us wanting to get in and out of the supermarket as quickly as humanly possible.

Now, there's nothing much worse than getting stuck behind someone with a trolley full of items when you've only nipped in for a couple bits.

Well, while most people usually let you skip the line in such situations, it's clear not everyone is agreed upon the unspoken shopping rule leaving one mum to spark a heated debate online after slamming an 'inconsiderate' shopper who didn't let her cut in line. Have a look:

Lani Hyde - who goes by the handle @thehydefive - took to TikTok to ask her 41k followers whether or not she was in the wrong after explaining the odd thing she did after a fellow shopper refused to let her go first in the checkout line, despite only having two items to scan as well as dealing with a toddler in a full-blown tantrum.

She began: "I saw this put-together lady, she was eyeballing me and greasing me off because obviously, Hudson’s squeal was p*ssing her off, [just] like it was p*ssing me off, but like, what do you do? You can’t tell them to shut up because they just don’t f*cking listen."

Lani continued: "I had to line up behind the lady that was eyeballing me. And guess what? It wasn’t her turn yet.

"There was still someone in front of her that was like finishing up their groceries, and she’s seen that I only had these two [items] and I’m like, holding Hudson and he’s slapping and scratching me, and she kind of just greased me off and looked me up and down and continued stacking her stuff up on the counter and did not let me go in front of her for two little things."

The mum took eggs, bacon and butter off the woman's pile and bought them herself.

So, the mum decided to carry out her own form of justice.

"I took her eggs and bacon and her butter that was at the back of the pile. I just sat it back towards me, put those [her items] in front of it, and I bought them," she revealed.

The mum defended her retaliation tactic but questioned if she was in the wrong for nicking the woman's three items and purchasing them for herself, adding that even her hubby wasn't on board with her reaction.

The two-minute-long clip has since clocked up more than 859.1k views on the platform, with thousands of comments from people eager to share their verdict on the matter.

Some people were shocked by Lani's behaviour, with one TikTok user slamming: "You are in the wrong."

A second hit out: "What makes you think you that you deserve to go ahead cause you have a child acting up? The [world] doesn’t revolve around you."

"You’re in the wrong," echoed a third. "No one owes you anything. The fact you have a misbehaving child, again still doesn’t mean you’re entitled to anything."

Some people praised the woman was a 'genius' while others slammed her for being 'petty'.
Vera_Petrunina / Getty Images

A fourth added: "It’s polite to let someone ahead with minimal items, but you don’t have to. If I’ve been lined up forever, I won’t let anyone in."

Others, however, were far more supportive of the woman's actions with one viewer admitting: "Yessss this is my level of petty!"

"100% love this," praised a second. "It’s not hard to be a nice person, nice people get eggs and bacon!"

Another penned: "I would never have thought of this, and would have internally raged instead, but THIS is genius!!"

"Absolutely golden," echoed a final TikTok user. "If I had seen you struggling or not even with only two items I would have insisted you go before me... she gonna have a dry brekky."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thehydefive / Vera_Petrunina/Getty Images

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