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Britain To Be Hotter Than Ibiza This Weekend

Britain To Be Hotter Than Ibiza This Weekend

It may be time to crack open the Pimms.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Anyone who enjoyed the hot weather this weekend is in for a repeat this Sunday.

While Saturday won't be quite as warm, Sunday is set to be another scorcher with temperatures reaching up to 24 degrees - that's hotter than Ibiza!

Nicola Maxey, a meteorologist from the Met Office, told Tyla: "In the South East and in London we could quite easily see 22 degrees on Sunday.

"There could even be an isolated 23 or 24 degrees in some places."

It's going to be hotter in London than Ibiza (

Just for comparison (because yes, we checked), temperatures are only meant to reach around 21 degrees on the Balearic island this Sunday.

Pfft! Who needs Beefa now, eh?

And it isn't bad news for the rest of the country, either.

"Temperates will reach into the low 20s in quite a large area of the country on Sunday," Nicola continued. "The Midlands, Birmingham and Manchester could all see 22 degrees."

While we're in for a weekend of nice weather, it's important to remember we're in the middle of a pandemic and not flout the lockdown rules.

In his statement to the nation on Sunday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said from Wednesday, Brits will be allowed to "sit in the sun in their local park" for the first time in two months.

As of Wednesday, two members of different households will be able to sit two metres apart in the park (

People will be able to meet up with one person (and no more) from another household as long as they remain two meters apart, while people can also drive to other destinations and play sports with members of their own households.

The government has also confirmed that fines for breaking the rules will be increased, too.

First time offenders will receive a £100 penalty for breaking the guidelines, though that figure will be halved if it is paid within 14 days.

Fines will then double with each offence. Anyone found to be persistently breaking the rules could find themselves faced with a fine of up to £3,200.

It's starting to feel like summer... (

Our advice? Mix up a huge batch of Pimms and have a jolly old time in your back garden/ balcony or whatever bit of sunshine you can get.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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