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Maid Of Honour Gives Bride A Bouquet Of Nuggets On Her Wedding Day

Maid Of Honour Gives Bride A Bouquet Of Nuggets On Her Wedding Day

Nothing says "I do" like a load of nugs.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

There's a strong argument for why chicken nuggets are better than flowers.

For one, you can't soothe a hangover by mainlining 20 roses dipped in ketchup, nor can you pair your hydrangea with spaghetti hoops with mash for prime comfort food.

One woman who knew this great fact of life all too well decided to present her BFF with a bouquet of chicken nuggets on her wedding day.

(Blair seemed overjoyed with her chicken nugget alternative. (
Jenna Spetz)

Jenna Spetz was the maid of honour at her cousin Blair Hardy's wedding to Adam Tyson when she presented the bride with the meaty bouquet during the speeches.

The inventive relative got in touch with Tyson Foods' to setup the surprise, to commemorate Blair becoming a Tyson.

"[Blair] has always LOVED dino nuggets and was marrying a man with the last name Tyson, so it really was a match made in heaven," Jenna told Insider.

"When I was thinking about my speech, I was trying to come up with something I could surprise Blair with. Nuggets immediately came to mind. I wasn't sure at what medium though or how I would even pull something like that off."

Groom Adam was less impressed. (
Jenna Spetz)

After shooting off an email to the food company, they came back and amazingly decided to make the bespoke bouquet for her.

"I really didn't expect my inquiry to go any further than an auto-reply from customer service," Jenna told the publication.

Not expecting the company to even get back to her, she was overjoyed when they told her they were excited to be part of the surprise - creating a nugget bouquet and providing locally-sourced Dino-nuggets so Jenna could do a 'nugget toast'.

On the day of the wedding, Jenna kept the bouquet a surprise.

"I had my wife bring the nugget bouquet in a box to the reception and prior to our introductions, I hid the box behind the stage," she said.

As for her cousin's reaction, Jenna called it "priceless" - and she wasn't wrong judging by the pictures.

Posting photos of the day - which took place at the Park Inn Radisson Hotel in Toledo, Ohio - on social media, the bride looked tickled by the surprise.

It was a different story for groom Adam, who was photographed with his head in his hands, though Jenna assure he was "living for it."

"Blair's reaction was priceless! She was grinning from ear to ear and giggling," Jenna said.

Tyson even sent bride Blair a letter, awarding her a year's worth of Tyson Fun Nuggets. (
Jenna Spetz)

"Blair of course ate the dino-nuggets from the toast immediately!

"I actually think it was pretty ironic that the wedding party/guests had 'chicken or beef' as their dinners and Blair paid extra to have nuggets and fries."

This is a woman after our our hearts.

Friends, take note.

Featured Image Credit: Jenna Spetz

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