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People Are Obsessing Over Ryan Reynold's Reaction To Blake Lively's Dress Reveal

People Are Obsessing Over Ryan Reynold's Reaction To Blake Lively's Dress Reveal

Ryan Reynolds was shook.

People are in awe of Blake Lively's transforming gown at the Met Gala and it seems her husband, Ryan Reynolds was also left in shock.

Watch the big reveal below:

The Gossip Girl star served as co-chair of the 2022 Met Gala alongside The Adam Project actor.

Blake totally exceeded exceptions by arriving on the carpet wearing a gorgeous Atelier Versace gown.

Her dress morphed into a brand new look after red carpet assistants unwrapped the bow, unveiling an aqua blue gown with rose gold accents.

It seems Reynolds loves a quick-change just as much as the rest of us.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds co-chaired the gala. (

“Ryan Reynolds reaction to his wife entering the red carpet at the met gala makes me believe in true love,” ab excited fan exclaimed.

One Twitter user shared: “Ryan's Reaction to Blake's Dress Reveal is all I am Living For”.

A third person wrote: “Can we talk about Ryan Reynolds reaction to Blake Lively’s dress reveal”.

A fourth tweeted: “Ryan Reynolds’s reaction to Blake Lively’s dress reveal was absolutely priceless.”

Fans audibly gasped around the world as they watched the dress transformation via live streams, with many social media users hailing Lively's dress the best Met Gala outfit at the 2022 event.

"I’m afraid she might be the best dressed #MetGala2022 #MetGala" tweeted one fan.

"Blake always understands the assignment and never disappoints. a SERVE," raved another.

"SHE ALWAYS GETS IT RIGHT" a third ecstatic Twitter user wrote.

A fourth fan quipped: "Her back must hurt from carrying this year’s Met Gala on her shoulders".

Lively said her dress was inspired by New York City and its countless iconic buildings and iconic architecture.

Blake wore a transforming gown. (

She told The Cut: "Instead of looking to fashion to influence the dress, I looked to New York City architecture and classic buildings."

Blake’s makeup and skincare was crafted by Kristofer Buckle from the brand Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.

He said: “Blake’s look was inspired by warm-toned metals and coppers starting with a bronzed contour on the skin.

"Her eyes were washed with a combination of matte browns for structure and metallic rose golds and coppers to play off her Versace gown.

“I made her lips a gentle terracotta tone to bring some brightness to the makeup. palette.”

The theme for the 2022 Met Gala was 'In America: An Anthology of Fashion’. Lively and Reynolds co-chaired the event alongside Regina King and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Variety

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