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Parents divide opinion after taking baby son to 'get his first tattoo'

Parents divide opinion after taking baby son to 'get his first tattoo'

The parents of baby Stetson, who post on TikTok at @stetsyboiii, recently posted a clip of the youngster getting an airbrush tattoo

A dad has divided opinion after taking his baby son to get a tattoo – but don’t worry, things aren’t quite as they seem, not that this has stopped backlash online.

The parents of baby Stetson, who share videos about his daily life on TikTok at @stetsyboiii, recently posted a clip of the youngster appearing to be tattooed.

“Men with tattoos... Babies with tattoos >>>,” the video joked, while the caption added: “Baby Stetsy is #yatted.”

In the clip, the baby is being held as his left leg gets inked – though as the camera moves in a little closer, it becomes apparent that it’s just an airbrush gun.

We’re then shown the finished result: an airbrushed fake tattoo of a red heart with ‘Mom’ on it.

The post soon went viral, racking up a whopping 14.4 million views, along with more than 450,000 likes and a great deal of debate in the comments section.

The video has racked up millions of views on TikTok.

While it wasn’t a real tattoo, some people found they weren’t too into the idea, with some expressing their sympathy for the ‘poor baby’, despite the fact he doesn't look particularly bothered by the process in the footage.

One TikToker commented: “Noooooooo.”

Someone else asked: “Didn't it hurt the baby?”, while another said: “What if the baby doesn't like it?”

Others admitted they were initially ‘scared’, before the penny eventually dropped.

“My soul left the body, till i realized its not real tattoo,” one commented.

“YOU SCARED ME FOR A SEC,” another said.

However, some argued that the idea was ‘cute’, saying they didn't feel it was any different to something like face paint.

One wrote: “The fact that some people thought this was real doesn’t know how tattoo actually work. This is super adorable!”

Another agreed: “Guys, it’s painted on. That’s an airbrush. It’s cute.”

The finished product.

Someone else said: “THAT'S SO CUTE it's kinda like facepaint.”

Stetson’s parents ended up re-posting the video to confirm the inking was, indeed, just an ‘airbrush tattoo’, saying he’d got it done during a trip to the zoo.

“POV: You make a bunch of cute, trendy TikToks and then randomly post a video of your baby getting an airbrush tattoo at the zoo,” the second video said.

Tyla has reached out to Stetson's parents for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@stetsyboiii

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