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Woman stunned after husband asked what she planned to make for dinner while she was in labour

Woman stunned after husband asked what she planned to make for dinner while she was in labour

She said he ‘displayed awful’ behaviour while she was in labour

A woman was stunned after her husband asked what she planned to make for dinner while she was in labour for more than 12 hours.

Giving birth is often a notoriously drawn-out process, with some mums spending hours and sometimes even days trying to push their baby out.

It’s not usually easy at the best of times, but if you’re having to bat off questions about dinner in between contractions, the process no doubt becomes a whole lot harder.

That’s exactly what happened to one TikToker, who revealed in a now-deleted video that her husband had ‘displayed awful’ behaviour while she was in labour recently – from sending uncensored photos to the family through to demanding half the protein bar they had packed in her baby bag.

She said her water broke at 2pm and that it wasn’t until 1am that she was dilated enough to go to hospital.

The woman's husband ‘displayed awful’ behaviour when she was in labour.
Daniel Reche/Pexels

During the time in between, her husband found himself thinking of his stomach - having brazenly asked her what the plan was for dinner.

A very brave move indeed.

“My water broke at 2pm, and at 6pm he asked me what was for dinner,” the woman recalled.

“I told him he was on his own because I was busy dilating, and I wasn't able to make him fajitas.”

She added: “A few hours later, at 9pm, I was on my hands and knees in our bedroom and felt like I was going to throw up.”

Her husband proceeded to bring her the dog’s food bowl as a vessel for her to be sick into, which we imagine didn’t go down too well with his missus, although she had no choice but to push through – literally – the cruel joke.

At 1am, she was fully dilated and able to go to hospital – at which point her partner decided to take the ‘scenic route’ to the emergency room.

He even sent uncensored photos of the birth to the family chat.

“It's a new route, new way, we've never been this way to the hospital,” she fumed.

They finally made it to the hospital, although at this stage, the woman said her memory got a little hazy after receiving an epidural.

25 minutes after she gave birth, the new mum found out that her husband had send photos of the birth to their family chat without asking for permission, despite the fact her breasts and vagina were visible in some snaps.

She’d been told that she couldn’t leave hospital until she’d had something to eat, and while many mums in the UK are given a brew and a round of toast, she’d packed a protein bar in her baby bag.

However, her husband was also ‘hungry’ and demanded half, with the woman adding: “It was 8am and the nurses told me I had to eat something before I left the hospital, but my husband asked to split the protein bar I had with me.”

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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