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Mum hits back at trolls who slammed her for expecting her third child at just 20 years old

Mum hits back at trolls who slammed her for expecting her third child at just 20 years old

The young mum got a lot of backlash on social media

A young mum has been forced to defend herself against trolls who blasted her after she announced she would be having her third child at the age of 20.

Paige Roods, who is currently 21 weeks pregnant, said that people never believed she was a mum-of-three.

Paige, from Australia, currently has a three-year-old daughter and a nine month old son.

In a clip shared to TikTok, Paige revealed that she was expecting a third addition to her family.

Once this clip went viral, the hate comments sadly began to pour in as the video racked up over 200,000 views.

However, the feedback wasn't all negative, as many TikTokers rushed to her defence.

"I was stressed just having one at 19!", one fan wrote, "Kids are hard work if you are raising them right."

Another joked: "I can't even get a text back so you're doing fine!"

This mum was criticised for being pregnant with her third child at 20.

And a third insisted: "Age doesn’t determine anything! You’re doing great mama!"

"Don’t worry girl I have 4 all by the ripe age of 22 wooo!" a fellow mum chimed in.

In addition to this, another supporter added: "You're amazing - don't listen to what anybody says!"

In other videos on her channel, Paige pokes fun at her critics who tell her to 'stop breeding' and brand her a 'lazy mum'.

One video shows her responding to a woman who claimed she was making her kids overweight.

The commenter wrote: "It's just that your kids are actually well overweight so it should be a concern."

In response, Paige played an audio clip which said: "Shut up! That would be my opinion."

Thankfully, Paige knows how to stand up for herself.

Evidently, the young mum doesn't take cruel jibes lying down.

Paige isn't the only person to have been 'mum shamed' for the age at which she gave birth.

Influencer Patti Avery Schmidt is a mother-of-four and decided to have her youngest at the age of 45.

This prompted a backlash online and led to her being trolled.

In response, Schmidt said: "First of all, women having babies in their forties isn't a new thing. Childbearing years span decades so why this is shocking to some people is beyond me. I know so many older moms, both now and when I was growing up.

Patti, who birth in her forties, also hit back at online criticism.

"One of the most common criticisms that I see online is that it's not fair to have children in your forties because those children won't have as much time with you as they would it you had them when you were younger.

"The truth is nobody knows how much time they have but let's say for the sake of the argument we all get the same number of years and we all expire on the same exact day, does that mean we owe it to the next generation to give birth as young as possible?"

Has anybody suggested that these TikTok trolls find something more beneficial to do with their time?

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