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29-year-old mum with 22-year-old daughter hits back at trolls following criticism

29-year-old mum with 22-year-old daughter hits back at trolls following criticism

The mother-daughter age gap is baffling the internet

One mother-daughter duo has left the internet totally baffled after revealing their age gap.

Savana Chapin, 29, is just seven years older than her step-daughter, Tizzi, and the pair regularly share snippets of their family life to social media.

Savana, who goes by the handle @sav_chapin on TikTok, has since hit back at trolls following criticism and shared her response to her 379.8k followers.

A few of Savana's TikToks have gone viral on the platform with many users left scratching their heads over the seven-year age difference between herself and Tizzi as well as the 16-year gap between herself and her 45-year-old hubby, Chris.

Savana and Tizzi share an uncanny resemblance with their matching long, blonde hair and are commonly mistaken for sisters - even though they're not even blood-related.

If you hadn't figured it out already, Savana is actually a step-mum to Tizzi who is Chris' daughter from a previous relationship.

The married couple first crossed paths met when Savana applied for a hair stylist role at his salon and, after quickly hitting it off, the pair started dating and eventually tied the knot together.

The pair regularly post about their family life on TikTok.

Since then, they've welcomed three more kids of their own in addition to Tizzi, Tayge and Trinity from Chris' previous marriage.

While many are supportive of the blended family situation despite the age gap, some people have taken it upon themselves to attack Savana and label her relationship as 'creepy'.

One TikTok user commented under a video: "Wtf."

"You just wanted a sugar daddy cause you don't wanna work," hit out a second.

"Girl…" penned a third while a fourth slammed: "Cringe."

A final critic added: "I need to delete this app."

Tizzi was also actually very sceptical at the large age gap between her new step-mum and her father with Savana recalling: "

Tizzi was initially very thrown off.

"I know that if I was Tizzi’s age and my daddy came home with a girl that was closer in age to me than my dad, I probably would have whooped her a**."

However, even with all the negative comments, Savana doesn't seem to have let it bother her after continuing to post online and even stating that her and Tizzi are now 'best friends', adding: "Now we're best friends and she's my little right-hand man."

Well, it's definitely clear that Savana and Tizzi aren't going to let the haters get in the way of mother-daughter relationship.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@savana_chapin

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