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Teachers reveal which kids names they see as 'instant red flags'

Teachers reveal which kids names they see as 'instant red flags'

One mother interviewed a group of teachers about their least favourite names

While you might think teachers are supposed to be impartial about their favourite students, it turns out they do make some snap judgements about the names given to their pupils.

According to research gathered by one social media star mum - who interviewed a selection of professors from local schools - teachers are often quick to make an assumption about a child based on what their parents have named them.

So much so, that these teachers actually admitted which monikers they inadvertently consider 'naughty', and even 'high maintenance'.

SJ Strum - a mother-of-three and parenting blogger - had considered her latest project a fun way of encouraging teachers to open up about their 'red flag' predispositions.

Apparently, she never expected the professors to be so brutally honest about their judgements, and is now warning parents-to-be to remain wary about the names they consider giving to their children.

The teachers didn't hold back when it came to their naughties names.
Getty/Tetra Images - Jamie Grill

"Do teachers really judge kids for their names?" she asked at the beginning of a newly-uploaded YouTube video. "Yes!"

She then revealed her discovery: "The number one thing which came up time and time again, the absolutely biggest pet peeve, bug bear, that teachers have when it comes to kids in their classroom is common name with unique spellings."

She explained that the teachers she interviewed claimed these types of names aren't just 'confusing' for themselves, but for the 'kids as well'.

SJ discovered the names that teachers allegedly can't stand.
YouTube/S J Strum

"Emma-Leigh as a double barrelled for Emily really was a tough one and Jaxsyn spelt like this," SJ went on to tell viewers.

"Imagine with this spelling and there was even a Fee-Bee."

Apparently, teachers do like to hear unique names, however - as long as they're not too obscure or spelt bizarrely.

"Unique names that are spelt easily and correctly to say are absolutely fine," she said. "They liked names like Sage, Joanie, Scout.

"Unique names outside of the top 50 but not odd and weird were a thumbs up."

As mentioned, a handful of the teachers interviewed also disclosed which names they immediately see to give off 'naughty' vibes.

"A lot of teachers were like ‘yep, there are names that are red-flags," SJ revealed. "There were some that stuck out and came up again and again."

She explained that the names Jake, Max and Jack were - in their experience - some of the most badly behaved boys to teach, as were names ending in 'den', including Hayden and Jayden, who are 'apparently always naughty, always disruptive, not listening'.

"When it came to girls it was quite interesting, apparently Islas and Jessicas are really chatty names," SJ also discovered.

"Apparently Martha is high-maintenance. Alexandra can be a bit of a bully apparently."

According to her research, however, SJ discovered that teachers are just as sick of hearing common names than naughty or unique names.

Teachers are also apparently sick of 'overused' names.
Getty/Andrey Zhuravlev

"There are so many overused names," she told her online followers. "Common names that came up - there were lots of Charlies, Lilies, Ellas, Alfies. One teacher had ten Sophias, four Laylas.

"Every year there is a Theo and an Oscar apparently."

These teachers also took issue with double-barrel names, warning potential parents to avoid sticking a 'Rose' or a 'May' on the end of their kids' titles.

Finally, when asked the oddest names they've come across in their professional careers, SJ claims that one teacher had taught twins named Denim and Suede.

Another reportedly claimed they find 'matching names' the funniest - recalling students called Jason Mason and Stephen Stephens.

A third revealed they'd even taught children called Chel'C, Jack Daniels and DKNY...

Poor things!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/S J Strum

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