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Woman called selfish for having Christmas Day off and refusing to swap with colleagues with kids

Woman called selfish for having Christmas Day off and refusing to swap with colleagues with kids

The woman took to Mumsnet to share her predicament

A woman has divided opinion online after admitting she has Christmas Day off work but is refusing to swap with a colleague who has kids. Some people are branding her ‘selfish’, while others have praised her for standing her ground.

For some people, the festive season marks a time to kick back for a few weeks as they indulge on mulled wine and mince pies, while watching rom-coms on Netflix.

For others, however, it’s business as usual, with many of us working in sectors that don’t shut down over Christmas.

One NHS worker has revealed that while her office is open 24/7 throughout the year, she’s luckily landed 25 December off on her rota.

Not all of her colleagues were so fortunate, and have since got in touch with her to ask for a swap.

The reason they’ve given? All because they have kids.


Taking to Mumsnet to ask if she was being ‘unreasonable’, the woman said: “I have a job in a 111 NHS call centre, the office is open 24hrs 7 days a week. I have just been given my Christmas rota and to my delight I have been given off Xmas day (which I have worked previous years).

“Now I have had an influx of colleagues who have children, asking me to cover their shifts since 'I have no children'.

“So, my question is, AIBU for thinking that I do not (apparently) deserve to have a Christmas off with my family (who have had a rough year) all for the sake of those who have children, who have been off previous years?”

In the comments, people seemed fairly divided on the matter, with some arguing the woman was being ‘selfish’.

One wrote: "While you do have a right to the day off I do think it’s selfish and parents with young children should be given priority."

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Someone else said: “It’s sucky working when you have young kids the magic only lasts so many years."

However, many others agreed that ‘Christmas is not just for kids’, saying she is ‘100% entitled to have Christmas Day off’.

One person told her: “You are as deserving as anyone else. Especially as you worked it last year. It's only fair.”

Another wrote: “My answer to this one used to be ‘I may have no children but I am someone's child’. Enjoy your day off OP.”

A third said: “Just say no, you can't, end of story. Don't explain, don't justify.”

In a poll, users decided that ultimately the woman was NOT being unreasonable, with just 4 percent of voters saying she was.

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