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Swim instructor warns against using nappies when taking your child swimming

Ben Thompson

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When it comes time to get your tots into the pool, you want to make sure they're safe.

So usually they'll be wearing a dozen or so arm bands and hoisted up with a rubber float.

But what's protecting their bottom half?

At the best of times, young kids aren't known for their self control when it comes to controlling their....faculties.


Parents usually opt to keep their young ones in nappies whilst in the pool.

No leakage, no problem right?

Well, one swimming instructor is urging parents to think twice before taking their kid for a paddle in pampers.

Nikki Scarnati encouraged parents to look at alternatives to diapers. Credit: TikTok/@scarnati.swim
Nikki Scarnati encouraged parents to look at alternatives to diapers. Credit: TikTok/@scarnati.swim

Nikki Scarnati took to TikTok to address the topic head on.

Scarnati said: "They're not going to hold anything in.

"So the second your child gets in the water, everything that's in that diaper is going to be getting into the pool water.

"And that's whether or not you can see it.


"Bacteria, fecal matter, all of that is going to end up in your pool water if you use these."

That's not what anybody wants.

Scarnati, seemingly aware that many parents will push back at her, addresses the common misconception.

She said: "And I know a lot of you guys are gonna come for me and say 'Well I use these all the time and they work perfect for me'.


"Here's the thing - have you ever noticed how high chlorine content is in public pools?

"I know people who favour goggles who tell me all the time.

"The reason why these chlorine levels are high are to kill off the bacteria coming out of these diapers."

Not only is a leakage unhygienic, it's problematic for Scarnati as a swimming instructor.


She explained: "For someone who has regulations to follow, a code brown means I have to cancel lessons for 24 hours to clean and sanitise.

"That means that's 24 hours of loss of income for me and a huge inconvenience for all of my parents."

Kids often wear diapers in the pool. Credit: Pixabay
Kids often wear diapers in the pool. Credit: Pixabay

What does Scarnati suggest as an alternative to nappies in the pool?

Scarnati said: "What I do recommend is purchasing a pack of swim diapers.

"They're reusable and they are adjustable.

"I think a pack of three costs you anywhere between 10 and 15 dollars.

"So for the price of one package of disposable swim diapers, you can get three and you can reuse them until your child outgrows them."

Here's hoping parents heed her advice.

The last thing anybody needs in a pool is a code brown.

Topics: Health, Parenting

Ben Thompson
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