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Swimming instructor warns parents not to put towel around children's shoulders

Swimming instructor warns parents not to put towel around children's shoulders

It might seem natural to want to keep your kids warm, but you need to keep them safe, too

A swimming instructor and water safety advocate has warned parents against putting a towel around your child's shoulders after they've been for a dip in the pool or ocean.

Hands up if you're planning a trip to the pool or seaside in the next few weeks? With summer holidays upon us, there will be millions of tiny toes just waiting to be dipped into the water, and lots of beach towels at the ready to dry them off afterwards.

After your child gets out of the water, it can feel natural to want to warm them up by wrapping them in a towel, but certified ISR swim instructor Nikki Scarnati has explained why that might not be such a good idea.

In a post on TikTok, Nikki demonstrated the 'proper way to put your towel around your child' by comparing it to the way most parents would 'naturally' go to dry off their kid.

It's a minor adjustment, but one which could potentially save your little ones' life.

"I see it happen so many times, and I myself, as a parent, did it without even realising it was a thing," Nikki continued.

She demonstrated the typical way many parents use the towel - by putting it over the kid's shoulders and keeping them snug and warm.

However, this method could prove unsafe.

Lots of children will be swimming this summer.
Ashley K Bowen/Pexels

Nikki explained: "If they were to fall in the pool this way, all of their limbs are going to be restricted under a wet towel."

Instead, you should dry their arms off, then get your child to lift up their arms and wrap the towel around them - like you would yourself after getting out of the shower.

"That way, if they end up in the water, they still have access to their limbs to self-rescue and they're that much safer," Nikki said.

TikTok users have flooded Nikki's post with comments to thank her for raising awareness of the issue, with one sharing their own experience to back up her point.

The swimming instructor shared a safer way to use a towel.
ikTok/ @scarnati.swim

They commented: "I can confirm this is true. When I was two I fell into the deep end of a rec pool with my towel on around my arms and I had to be rescued."

Another agreed, adding: "Also if they trip, they can catch themselves before hitting the ground."

Some users noted that children might be more inclined to remove the towel if their arms weren't covered, but if that's the case Nikki advised: "Try using a different style towel!"

"They have tericloth robes they can wear after swim time tia tag warm also that helps keep them warm," she told parents.

So when it comes to keeping your kids warm this summer, think twice before using the towel!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @scarnati.swim

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