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Mum cancels holiday less that 24 hours after arriving because sons ‘acted like brats’

Mum cancels holiday less that 24 hours after arriving because sons ‘acted like brats’

People were completely divided by her choice to end the holiday prematurely

An exasperated mother has divided the internet after revealing she cancelled her children's holiday just one day in because they wouldn't behave.

The unnamed mum-of-three took to the infamous Reddit forum 'Am I The A**hole' to share her story.

It includes sibling rivalry, children acting like brats and a falling out between husband and wife.

It's completely split people down the middle on whether or not she made the right call.

The dilemma begins: "My husband and I have 3 kids, 9M, 8M, and 3F. The boys have been driving us crazy. They fight like cats and dogs."

She continued: "I understand sibling rivalry but it’s gotten to the point it’s disruptive to us all, every day.

The unnamed woman was overwhelmed with stress. (Getty Stock Image)
The unnamed woman was overwhelmed with stress. (Getty Stock Image)

"I already told my husband last week I wasn’t sure if the vacation was a good idea. My husband shut me down pretty much immediately and things went ahead as planned.

"They had so many reminders of what not to do once we got to the rental house… so they do everything wrong from the get go."

You're probably wondering what the hellish behaviour entailed. Well...

The mum went on: "Shoes on the white furniture? Check. Running in the house? Check. I turned my back for 2 seconds and the 8 y/o threw a box of chalk in the pool to keep his brother from getting it. We went out to lunch and they were out of control in the restaurant.

"We finally go to the beach and they are frankly being brats. Refusing sunscreen. Fighting over toys. Pushing their luck repeatedly going farther and farther out in the water than we told them to. Cursing."

She said her children were 'being brats'. (Getty Stock Image)
She said her children were 'being brats'. (Getty Stock Image)

Then, the mother decided on what her punishment would be.

She said: "They were totally ruining it for everybody. Nothing had worked and I told my husband we needed to go home, for the reasons mentioned above, mainly that they needed to see a REAL consequence.

"My husband still insisted it would get better. I put my foot down and told him that I didn’t even want to be there at that point so either I was leaving, or we all were."

Her children then burst into tears and 'promised' to behave but it was too late.

She concluded: "So, we left, less than 24 hours into a 4 day vacation. Half the ride home was spent with them sobbing and my husband pretty much gave me the silent treatment the whole way.

"Pretty much no one likes me right now except my 3-year-old. Are they right?"

Imaginably, people didn't hold back with their opinions.

One person wrote: "Lay down the law, set consequences for bad behavior, and follow through every time. They are only kids once and now is the time to prevent them from being entitled adults."

Another said: "Make it up to daughter; demonstrate that she shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of her brothers’ behaviour. Demonstrate to the boys that if they want to behave differently, they will be treated differently."

A third added: "It’s egregiously clear they aren’t properly disciplined."

While a fourth echoed: "They are under 10, I completely blame the parents."

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