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Mum who cancelled holiday 24 hours after arriving called out for not ‘making it up to her daughter’

Mum who cancelled holiday 24 hours after arriving called out for not ‘making it up to her daughter’

The furious mum-of-three cut the holiday short due to the bad behaviour of her two sons

A mum who cut short her holiday just hours after it started due to the bad behaviour of her sons has been told she should have 'made it up to her daughter', who hadn't acted up.

In case you missed, a mum went viral a few days back after she admitted to cancelling her vacation less than 24 hours after setting off because her sons ‘acted like brats’.

In the post to Reddit’s ‘Am I the A***hole’, the furious mum-of-three said she was driven to her wits' end by a holiday from hell, complete with bad language, broken rules and a whole lot of 'sibling rivalry'.

She and her husband share three children together, two sons, aged nine and eight, and one three-year-old daughter - it was the two older siblings who acted up.

Following a three-and-a-half hour car journey, which was ‘'predictably hell', with the boys fighting and riling each other up the whole time, the mum told herself it would be much better once they arrived.

But she was dead wrong on that, because as soon as they got to the rental house, the boys did 'everything wrong from the get go' despite being given 'many reminders of what not to do'.

The mum said the boys continued to act up at the beach.
Pexels/ Sultan Çiftçi

"Shoes on the white furniture? Check. Running in the house? Check. I turned my back for 2 seconds and the 8 y/o threw a box of chalk in the pool to keep his brother from getting it," she said.

And a trip to the beach did little to improve things, with the stressed-out mum stating the pair were 'frankly being brats'.

They refused to wear suncream, bickered over toys and swore. They also disobeyed safety instructions.

After continually ‘pushing their luck’, the mum says she felt she had little option but to cancel the trip - so she did.

On Reddit, most people sided with her, and she was found to ‘not be the a**hole’ - but some called her out for not making it up to her well-behaved daughter.

People have urged the mum to make it up to her well-behaved daughter.
Pexels/Ivan Samkov

One person suggested: “Momma, you should take your littlest one for a ‘girl’s night out’, and let the dad and grandma deal with the boys.”

Someone else quickly agreed: “Absolutely would have been a strong (and I daresay fair) compromise. ‘I’m taking daughter for the day. We’ll see you all tonight. Have fun!’”

Another chipped in: “Excellent solution. Make it up to daughter; demonstrate that she shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of her brothers’ behaviour. Demonstrate to the boys that if they want to behave differently, they will be treated differently.”

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay / Pexels

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