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Man who called his wife's bluff with DNA test says their whole family has been destroyed

Man who called his wife's bluff with DNA test says their whole family has been destroyed

He sent the internet into a spiral

It's nothing new that family dynamics can be a tad tricky to navigate sometimes.

But, most domestic tiffs can be easily ironed out with some good communication, emotional understanding and a pre-existing foundation of trust.

However, this appeared far from the case for one man who who called his wife's bluff with a DNA test and has since claimed their whole family has subsequently been destroyed.

The man opened up about how his family has been destroyed after calling his wife' bluff with a DNA test.
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The bloke took to the 'True Off My Chest' thread on Reddit to provide a little more context behind the situation.

Cutting straight to the chase, he titled the post: "My wife said I’m not our daughter’s father."

He went on to write: "I realised that even though a large part of me really didn’t want to know if she was telling the truth, I had to find out for the sake of my daughter.

"If I wasn’t her biological father, there’s was just too great of a chance that she’d accidentally find out one day via an ancestry test or whatever new technology they have 15 years from now that she might want to do for fun."

The father continued: "I wouldn’t want her to find out that way. I had to know just to be prepared."

He then explained that he bought an at-home test which his wife thought was just an oral 'COVID test'.

The results shortly came through 'within 48 hours of when the samples arrived'.

The saga first started when the man's wife told him their daughter wasn't biologically his.
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Shockingly, the man found out that his wife was allegedly lying about their child not biologically being his.

"She’s my daughter. She was always going to be my daughter, but biologically she’s mine," he wrote. "I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relieved by a test result in my life."

While one part of the problem was somewhat sorted, the man was still left with the massive issue following the aftermath of his wife's words.

"The more I thought about it, after sharing my story here, the more I really began to believe that my wife's statement went beyond just trying to hurt me," he went on.

"She was definitely trying to hurt me to my core when she said it, but I started to feel pretty certain that she had slept with somebody else around the time our daughter was conceived and she either didn't know who the father really was or had believed for our daughter's entire life that I wasn't her biological father."

The man 'confronted' his wife with the test results of the DNA test.
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So, he 'confronted' her and informed his wife about the secret DNA test, adding: "I told her that we needed to talk about what she said about me not [being] our daughter’s father, that it really hurt me and I couldn’t get over it, and that I’d done a DNA test."

According to the man, his wife's 'panic was obvious'.

As if things couldn't get even more dramatic, he continued, explaining the precise moment he decided to call her bluff: "In that moment I knew she hadn’t just made the statement to hurt me. There was something behind it.

"I told her that our daughter wasn’t mine and I wanted to know who the hell she slept with during that time, did he knew he had a kid? How long had she known about this? And did she know that it was considered paternity fraud?"

The wife then 'started crying' and, after being 'so stunned' by the situation, she 'didn't even ask' to check the real DNA results.

"She should have demanded that, because she would have easily been able to see that I was bluffing," he stated.

People couldn't wait to share their reactions to the drama.

The wife then opened up on her infidelity with a man who was one of the Reddit user's 'friends' who he 'grew up with'.

"After my wife and I found out she was pregnant and our relationship greatly improved for some time, I stopped associating with him," the man went on, adding that his wife supposedly 'couldn't stand him'.

Apparently, the wife and this man 'had sex a few times' after she found out her husband 'went on a date with another woman' when they were 'informally separated' and the lines between them were 'sort of fuzzy'.

It's relentless, this!

He continued: "She says she was so hurt by what I did and although she hadn’t planned to sleep with him, he convinced her to do it.

"She claims she didn’t enjoy it and she’s felt disgusted about it ever since."

The man finally told his wife the truth, sharing: "I could have continued to hold it over her head, but why? She’s mad that I lied to her.

Many Reddit users dubbed the entire ordeal 'toxic'.

"I did lie, but she thought she had been lying to me about our daughter’s paternity for 6+ years, so I call that even.

"In the end she ended up sobbing out of relief for several minutes straight and we hugged while she cried, but I don’t forgive any of what she’s done."

Big yikes.

Readers clearly couldn't wait to share their verdict on the drama-filled story with one Reddit user writing: "Sooo…divorce now, right? What kind of relationship is this?"

A second hit out: "This whole relationship seems super healthy. Nothing to see here!"

"You two sound like you have got to the point where you are pretty toxic for each other," claimed a third.

A final Reddit user asked: "Are you getting a divorce? Or intense individual and couples counselling?

"Your relationship sounds very toxic. Don't think it's a good idea to expose your daughter to such an unhealthy relationship like that. Kids pick up on it and it affects their future relationships."

What do you make of it?

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