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Mum slammed after sharing her two children’s ‘insane’ names

Mum slammed after sharing her two children’s ‘insane’ names

She's sparked a heated debate on TikTok

The issue of baby names seems to have reared its head once again after one mum was called out after sharing her two children's allegedly 'insane' names.

Nara Smith, a model who is expecting a baby, took to TikTok to share with her 1.4 million followers her ideas for baby names - as well as what she ended up calling her current two kids - and it's sparked a heated debate online.

While some totally loved the unique baby monikers, others were beyond baffled by Nara's choices.

The soon-to-be mum-of-three told viewers: "These are some baby names that are on my list that I won't be using.

"For a girl's name, I really loved the name Odie, Pepper, Don. They're all really cute to me.

"I really liked Cherry as a middle name. My husband doesn't really like that name."

She added: "I also like Bubble as a second name - that might be controversial and I love the name Pear as a first name."

And now for the boys' names: "I love the name Frosty still, if you guys remember.

"What else was there? Sunny, Silver, Zen - those are a few but we won't be using them for this baby."

Considering that these are the names she won't be using, some might think her kids have had a lucky escape. But it turns out the names she gave her first two kids are also pretty out-there.

Model Nara Smith shared a list of baby names for her upcoming baby.

Nara revealed: "For reference, our kids have pretty unique names.

"My daughter's name is Rumble Honey Smith and my son's name is Slim Easy Smith."

Nara's TikTok has since gone viral after clocking up 9.3 million views with many completely baffled by her kids' names.

"Slim Easy and Rumble Honey??? WHAT?" asked one.

A second declared: "Slim Easy is insane."

"Seeing Slim Easy or Rumble Honey on a job application is gonna go crazy," claimed a third, while a fourth wondered: "Slim Easy? As in Eminem?"

Some loved the names while others weren't too sure.

"No as in the iconic older name Slim that was used a lot back in the day," Nara replied.

Others took it one step further and sarcastically offered their joke name suggestions.

"If it’s twins, do Apple bottom jeans and Boots witha fur," suggested one TikTok user.

A second piped up: "What about chocolate vanilla swirl with cookie crunch pls?"

"Garlic Aioli is a beautiful name for a baby boy," quipped a third, while a fourth chimed in: "What about Eggyolk Cherry?"

Many, however, were supportive of Nara's choices with one viewer writing: "This comment section disappointed me."

"Sorry to disagree with the comments, but I LOVE, 'Rumble Honey'," praised a second.

A third gushed: "These names are so cute!"

"Y'all these babies are gonna look like models. These names are fitting," said a fourth, while another added: "I love all of your name choices. So unique and cute."

A final TikTok user praised: "You are my type of gal when it comes to baby names!!!! I love unique and different names!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@naraazizasmith

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