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Mum praised after sharing her three children's unique names

Mum praised after sharing her three children's unique names

These beautiful names are certainly different

Having a child is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, experiences in life. And, if pregnancy wasn't challenging enough, when a baby is born you're given the hard task of deciding on a name.

Some people go with the more traditional options, like names that have been in the family for years, the name of a loved one who's passed away, or even the place in which the baby was conceived.

But one mum is receiving praise from the internet for going all out and coming up with something ultra unique for each of her three children.

TikTok users are praising Indy for her unique choice of names.

TikTok influencer @indyclinton has people all over the world gushing over the beautiful names she's chosen for her babies, announcing the latest addition to the family's on the social media platform for all to see.

The video shows the newborn babe nestled under a beige blanket as dad comes in for a kiss on the head. Embroidered on the blanket is baby's name, Soul Valerie, which has won the hearts of those in the comments section.

One person wrote: "My grandmothers name was Valerie. Very unique and not common both names! Congratulations" while fellow influencer Kat Clark added: "Congratulations babe. And such a BEAUTIFUL name."

Indy's fans are obsessed with Soul's wonderful name.

This isn't the first time Indy's fans and friends have praised her for her wonderful choice of baby names - she also has two other children called Navy and Bambi.

Indy has gained a following of over 1.6 million people thanks to her honest approach of motherhood and parenting, where she shows the hilarious mishaps her young children get themselves into like spilling their cereal all over the floor.

It seems that plenty of people are swaying towards more unusual names these days too, with users flooding to platforms like Reddit to share their suggestions. One user 'isayhitoalldogs' posted a list of their faves in the subreddit r/namenerds, including ones like 'Cricket' for a girl and 'Lauden' for a boy.

Other users have since responded with their favourites and given suggestions of what else should be added to the list. One wrote: "Love this list! I like Solange, Angelica, and Corbin!". A second said: "I love Wilbur so much"

However, not everyone was sold on the list of names. One person questioned: "... Crickett?" while another added "Remember, the name on the birth certificate is what's going to be used to apply to schools, jobs, bank assistance, and/or government assistance. Please keep that in mind."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TikTok/@indyclinton

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