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Expert shares 10 offensive baby names that should be avoided

Expert shares 10 offensive baby names that should be avoided

She explained exactly why parents should think long and hard before naming their tot

The issue of baby names seems to be a recurring topic of conversation we can never truly get away from.

What with the slightly alternative monikers celebrities name their kids, the trendy modes of address that seem to come just as fast as they go or simply just an awkwardly-fitting title for a tot it doesn't quite fit - it can all be a tad hectic to keep up with.

Well, to make the whole thing that tiny bit more simple - one expert has offered her opinion of 10 offensive baby names that should be avoided at all costs. Have a look:

Baby name expert at Nameberry took to TikTok to share the 'most controversial baby names' to help expecting parents rule out a few potential choices.

After surveying its website visitors on the most polarising choices, Nameberry rounded up the top 10 names parents might just want to do more research into before choosing for their children.

First up is Azrael which is apparently a 'very trendy choice right now' given its 'fashionable ending' and 'attention-grabbing Z'.

However, it is also the name of the angel of death in Judaism and Islam.

Next up is Bodhi, which was 'one of the fastest rising baby names in the 2010s' originating from Buddhism.

The word refers to a state of enlightenment, however, it's 'not traditionally used' as a baby name in Buddhist culture.

However, as Nameberry reports, most of the people who have used this name for their child in the United States are not actually Buddhist.

Famous parents who have opted for the name include the likes of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber, and Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder.

The expert explained the reasoning behind each choice.

Coming in next is Cohen which is 'very controversial'.

"The prize for the most hotly debated baby name of all time on the Nameberry forums has to go to Cohen," the website states.

It goes on to explain: "The surname derives from a Hebrew word for 'priest' and originally denoted members of the kohanim, important Jewish religious leaders of direct patrilineal descent from Aaron.

"Its very specific sacred status in Judaism lead some to consider it inappropriate and offensive to use as a baby name, whatever your religious background."

The next name of the list is Dixie which was a 'top 200 name in the 1930s'.

However, in the modern day, a lot of parents are 'avoiding this name because it's heavy overtones of racism'.

"Dixie was a nickname for the Confederate States, so don't use this name for your baby or your pet for that matter," Nameberry advises.

Next up is Gunner.

While Gunnar with an 'ar' at the end is a 'traditional Norse name', Gunner with an 'er' reads as a 'more violent word name'.

Many of the names have traditional origins.

Karen is a fairly obvious one, dubbed 'more of a grandma name than a baby name' and is now a lot more avoided given the memes that began back in 2020.

Pippa is another one any jet-setters out there should avoid as although it's a 'classy nickname associated with Pippa Middleton' it is apparently 'not a good choice' if you plan on traveling.

"Pippa has tease-worthy slang meanings in languages like Italian, Swedish and polish," Nameberry says.

Next is Adonis, the name rapper Drake chose for his son.

The name, which arrives from Greek mythology, has become synonymous with masculine beauty but 'it could be an awkward name to wear for someone who doesn’t fit the dictionary definition'.

Blair is another given its associations with 'Tony Blair' and the cult classic horror film The Blair Witch Project.

The last one in the round-up, Harvey, has also been advised to avoid given its associations to Hurricane Harvey, which totally wrecked huge areas of southern US, alongside the accusations of sexual abuse which surfaced against convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.


Dozens flocked to the comment section to share their reactions to rundown and took the opportunity to share their own personal relationship to a handful of the names of the list.

"Pippa!!!! Noooo!!! I have a Pippa and dream of Italy," wrote one TikTok user.

A second revealed: "I know someone with a Dixie and a Gunner!"

"I know people with everyone of these names," added a third.

Others, however, seemed to have differing opinions on the list.

One TikTok user hit out: "Parents these days really don’t do their due diligence before naming."

A second praised: "Good to know about Cohen, thank you!"

"Knowledge gained today!" echoed a third.

A fourth clearly didn't hold the same opinion, penning: "I’ll use whatever name I want thanks."

What do you make of it?

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