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Mum leaves people horrified when detailing how her vagina looks after giving birth

Mum leaves people horrified when detailing how her vagina looks after giving birth

She took to TikTok to share how giving birth changed her body

One mum has sparked quite the reaction after detailing how her vagina looked after giving birth.

The woman in question, Val Emanuel, took to TikTok to share with her followers a little more about the changes she noticed in her body after delivering her baby.

She began by explaining: "No one tells you, no one tells you what it's going to look like after you give birth..."

The mum took to TikTok to open up about how giving birth changed her body.

Val continued: "I'm just telling you right now. I looked at my self down there for the first time when I was like eight years old and then I think I looked every once in a while."

She then explained she had a 'cute little quarter slot machine looking situation'.

"And then I looked, I remember, after I gave birth to my daughter," the mum went on. "I didn't rip didn't tear. I was very proud of that.

"So I thought it was gonna be normal."

Val went on: "Newsflash, it looks like ground turkey.

People were stunned after the woman likened her vagina post-birth to 'ground turkey'.

"It looks like ground turkey, but just for like two weeks, then it looks like sliced turkey and then at some point in between zero to 12 weeks it goes back to looking like whatever it looked like before."

She finished up the short clip assuring viewers: "My slot machine is back. I'm happy to say that - it's a little different though."

The mum captioned the post: "What did yours look like? I didn't rip but it was still damaged. Back to normal feeling and looking now."

The video has since clocked up 3.8 million views on the platform with hundreds of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the video.

One TikTok user wrote: "Ground turkey ?????? SLICEDDDDD turkey ???????"

My thoughts exactly.

"Ground turkey is insane omg," penned a second, while a third chimed in: "I have so many questions?? Do they stretch out and shrink back?? What looks like ground turkey?? Where??? I don’t understand!"

A fourth quipped: "I am confused and scared!"

"I couldn’t even dare myself to look," revealed a fifth. "My husband did and he just gave me a sad smile and said 'it’s temporary babe'."

Another echoed: "I’m so confused and afraid..."

"Dont be scared girls, as she said it most often goes back to normal!" assured someone else.

And, a final TikTok user praised: "You’re so real for this. But the transparency is definitely appreciated."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@malibumama__

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