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Mum Shares 'Genius' Hack To Keep Paddling Pool Clean

Mum Shares 'Genius' Hack To Keep Paddling Pool Clean

Rachael Allenby took to TikTok earlier this week

Are you sick of having to constantly empty, clean and refill your paddling pool during the summer months? If so, one mum has shared an ingenious hack to save you time and energy. Watch the hack below:

TikTok user Rachael Allenby took to the video platform earlier this week to share a clip of her covering her paddling pool with a fitted bed sheet – yes, as easy as that.

Crediting her sister-in-law for the hack, Allenby explained the simple but effective trick keeps insects, leaves, rain and other debris out of the pool.

She commented under the video: "My sister in law's hack, her granddaughter had literally spent 20 minutes in it, why would she change the water and waste it?

"This keep's bugs and other stuff out. it was a kingsize bed sheet used on a 6ft x 4ft paddling pool".

The mum also encouraged people do this with another, as it's too tricky to attempt on your own.

A woman has shared a genius hack to keeping your pool clean.

The video, which has been viewed over 3.2 million times, was inundated with messages from other users praising her ingenuity.

One woman commented: "that is genius - last year it took me about an hour to cover mine in clingfilm" (sic).

"I’m so glad I saw this bc I was literally about to go buy a liner," another penned. "omg I've literally thought about doing this so many times. but now I know it works!"

A fourth added: "thats perfect! im gping to do it with my sandbox" (sic).

"That's a great idea. I used a butterfly catcher from the dollar store to get the bugs out," another viewer shared.

She used a fitted sheet to keep her pool clean at night.

And it seems Allenby learned a trick herself after posting the video, with several commenters suggesting she use a black bed sheet next time to attract heat and naturally heat the pool up.

One wrote: "so brilliant use a black sheet it heats the whole pool".

Not only is this a time efficient hack, but it can also save you water.

According to Severn Trent Water, emptying and refilling your paddling pool every day for a week could use up to 3,700 litres of water. That’s the equivalent of 46 baths and 102 showers.

They suggest reusing pool water for up to three days and skimming the top of the pool to remove any debris at the end of the day before topping up with a touch of fresh water. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rachaelallenby

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