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Most popular baby names of 2023 revealed as Lily knocked off the top spot

Most popular baby names of 2023 revealed as Lily knocked off the top spot

BabyCentre has released their top baby names for 2023

If you have had a baby this year and are hoping for your little bundle of joy’s name is on the all-time favourite name lists, then we’ve got you covered!

After the most popular baby names of 2023 were released, it’s only natural that parents will want to snoop and see if theirs are sitting on the top.

But you might be surprised to see that a once displaced girls’ name is reigning as supreme once again.

Provided by BabyCentre, The Mirror obtained the ranked list which can help you to choose your name for next year too!

However, if you think that spelling a name differently won’t impact its ranking- you’re wrong.

This is because the parenting platform now considers all spellings of a name as separate name entries.

It could also be why the name Lily, which was number 1 during the last ranking session has lost its spot after being categorised separately from Lilibet, and Olivia was crowned as the victor.

Faye Mingo, a spokeswoman for BabyCentre told the Mirror: “Parents spend a lot of time thinking not only about their baby's name but how it's spelt. They may be small, but these differences are important to parents so we will now be including all individual baby name spellings in our charts.”

Lily was top of the charts during their half-year data in July, with Sophia and Olivia following after.

But oh, how the mighty have fallen.

The top baby girl name for 2023 is Olivia.

Currently, as per the new ranked data, the top twenty girls' names 2023 are:

1 Olivia

2 Amelia

3 Isla

4 Lily

5 Ava

6 Freya

7 Ivy

8 Sophia

9 Grace

10 Willow

11 Mia

12 Isabella

13 Daisy

14 Elsie

15 Evie

16 Florence

17 Ella

18 Emily

19 Evelyn

20 Luna

Did you see your daughter’s name on the list?

According to BabyCentre, the names that rank are often influenced by things like films, TV shows, pop culture and so on.

For example, Willow is the name of a Taylor Swift song and it’s climbed in popularity after the released of Folklore.

There is also a correlation between magic-themed or fantasy-influenced names, such as Luna, Sage and Lyra which have also climbed the list.

The top baby boy name of 2023 is Muhammad.

Curious about the boys? Here you go:

1 Muhammad

2 Noah

3 Theo

4 Leo

5 Oliver

6 Arthur

7 George

8 Luca

9 Freddie

10 Jack

11 Ethan

12 Charlie

13 Henry

14 Oscar

15 Jude

16 Alfie

17 Archie

18 Lucas

19 Liam

20 Arlo

Even though every single baby and their name is beautiful, it’s still a great tip to look at popular names if you are expecting and want your name to be something that is favoured by the public!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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