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Mum praised for showing off post-baby body after giving birth to twins

Mum praised for showing off post-baby body after giving birth to twins

Followers have been praising the mum for sharing the reality of motherhood.

Footballer James Maddison's girlfriend, Kennedy Alexa, has been praised by fellow mums after she shared an image of her post-baby body on social media.

Kennedy, 28 - who is also mum to two-year-old Leo - welcomed twins Delilah and Rome last July.

And in a recent post, Kennedy opened up about mum life and embracing her body following the birth of her babies.

Kennedy and James have been together for three years.

"Loads of people asked me if I got stretch marks from the twins... and the answer is yes & extremely stretched skin," Kennedy wrote, sharing a bikini snap while on holiday.

"It’s something that I knew could happen, but I struggled to come to terms with it during my pregnancy. Since the twins arrival, I’ve been learning to love my new body (and don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments of negativity).

"But I keep reminding myself of the positives and how I’m SO grateful for how my body carried and nurtured 3 healthy babies... and two at once!!!

"The women’s body is absolutely incredible. Mamas… be easy on yourself and give yourself some grace when it comes to postpartum bodies. [sic]"

Kennedy has been praised by followers after showing off her post-baby body.

Followers were quick to praise Kennedy for sharing the reality of motherhood, with many thanking her for the honest post.


"I know it’s not easy postpartum to feel comfortable in your skin and it’s especially not easy to share that with the world - which is annoying because it’s a miracle our bodies can create and birth life... yet social media doesn’t let up on showing us how quickly were meant to 'snap back'.

"Our bodies will never be the same, in the best way. I love this!! I love you!!! You beautiful, strong mama."

Another said: "I don’t know you but I f**king love you for doing this post. Bravo."

While a third wrote: "Our bodies are safe little homes for our growing babies for 9 months, women are insane and our bodies should all be celebrated for it."

Others called Kennedy an 'inspiration'.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Keeping it real & looking beautiful as ever."

Others called Kennedy an 'inspiration', while a fellow twin mum said: "Well done... great message. I’m a mum of 19 year old twins and wish I’d seen this message after I’d given birth."

Kennedy and Spurs player James have been together for three years, with the pair welcoming their first child Leo Cruz, back in 2021.

Kennedy, we salute you for keeping it real!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kennedyalexa

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