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Man hits jackpot after finding hidden discovery in ‘disgusting’ abandoned pram worth £1,300

Man hits jackpot after finding hidden discovery in ‘disgusting’ abandoned pram worth £1,300

Who knows what you'll find abandoned in the street?

A man has taught us all the importance of keeping your eyes peeled when walking down the street because you never know what you may find.

And let’s just say, your bank account will be very pleased. Watch the video below:

This week a man hit the jackpot when he found a buggy dumped on the street, and as it turns out, the baby accessory is worth thousands.

TikToker @badjujudesign uploaded a video which has now gone viral, documenting how he also discovered cash and a ring inside the pram as he was cleaning it up.

This guy must have a whole bunch of four-leaf lucky clovers for this to happen to him!

The TikToker initially walked past a ‘pile of trash with these cool strollers in it’ while walking home in New York City.

He posted a video on the app, reacting to all the things people throw away in the Big Apple, which prompted his followers to slide into his DMs explaining that the prams are worth lots of dosh.

The TikToker took the pram home and cleaned it up.

In the clip, which has accumulated over 68,000 likes, the TikToker explained: “A bunch of people were like ‘you need to go pick those strollers up’ so you can sell them, that’s money.

“I was like money, let’s go.

“By the time I got back the Bugaboo one was gone but this brown leather one was still there so I grabbed it.

“Let me tell you this thing was filthy, disgusting but as I was cleaning it up and taking it apart, I found something.

“I knew this was a boujee stroller and I just had a sense about it, but I found money.

“I’m freaking out.

The before and after shots are shocking.

“I also found a ring, now I haven’t figured out if it’s a real diamond ring or real gold ring yet. I’m going to take it to a jeweller to get tested.”

He has already put the stroller up for sale. It’s worth $1,649.99 according to @badjujudesign’s Google search. Who knows how much he'll make after selling it.

“OMG I want that stroller,” one eager TikTok user commented.

“Dumpster diving time! I used to do that with my dad when I was little,” someone else wrote.

“Noooo the other stroller would have been MOOONEY,” a third viewer penned.

“Yay, from trash to treasure,” added one woman.

“I could never live there [New York] because I’d be picking everything up and would die from the horde collapsing on me,” a commenter confessed.

Well you know what they say - one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/badjujudesign

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