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Mum told to flee home after 'demon' lashes out at her family

Mum told to flee home after 'demon' lashes out at her family

A paranormal investigator claims he was attacked by the spirit

A mum says she was told to flee her house after a ‘demon’ lashed out at her family and attacked paranormal investigators who came out to the property.

Mum, Lauren Roth, moved into the property in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, in November in 2021 and says she and her family were terrorised by a spirit living there. You can see a clip of the ‘spirit’ causing havoc here:

Speaking in August last year, Lauren said: "It's been event after event after event.

"I'm okay at the moment but I'm still quite traumatised by it. I was still going in the house on Saturday just gone and I had a bad experience then.

"I haven't slept since. I'm literally seeing every hour of the night. I thought it might just be the lights but then in January, [the paranormal activity] started.

"At my old property, my kids were never scared of anything, but one night in this house the kids both woke up. Caleb was in bed and I remember him shouting me.

"He said 'mam, Arabella is scared because she's seen something in her room'. She said a cat scratched her. I said 'there's no cats here babe' but she had scratches on her.

Lauren Roth called in experts after being ‘terrorised’ by a spirit.
Kennedy News and Media

"About half an hour later she was up again, she said there was a man in the window.

"I moved the curtains and showed her there was nothing there but she then pointed to the mirror and said 'no mammy, in that one'.

"The next day we ripped it off the wall and disposed of it in the garage."

Things got so bad that Lauren reached out to ghost-hunting husband-and-wife team, Lee and Linzi Steer, about the ‘extreme poltergeist’ activity’ in her home.

The duo, who run Project Reveal – Ghosts of Britain, visited the home to confront the ghost, with Lee saying the encounter left him with mysterious scratches on his arms.

Paranormal investigators Lee and Linzi Steer.
Kennedy News and Media

Lee, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said: "I could see my arm being scratched in the moment.

"It caught me by surprise and it had only happened once before.

"It was a sign that the spirit was aggravated we were moving it along.

"I think there were about four scratches. There were three on the palm side and there was one on my arm.”

After the spooky encounter, Lee and Linzi left the property and told Lauren 'never to return' - advice she immediately acted on, by handing back her keys, and moving out with her husband and kids for a fresh start.

"She's got another house and she's worried the spirit will follow her," Lee said.

Paranormal investigator Lee was ‘scratched’ by the ‘ghost’.
Kennedy News and Media

"We told her that as soon as we'd done it to hand the keys back over.

"Once she did that, she wouldn't invite [the spirit] back and the temptation to go back in would be taken away.

"She handed in the keys at the estate agent on Tuesday. We're very proud of her, it's not an easy thing.

"She's had a really hard time and I feel so sorry for the girl. It's a very private, personal thing, hopefully now she can move on.

"Her husband was very sceptical but he had something happen with the doors banging when he was in on his own. It's just very strange."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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