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Jake Quickenden breaks down in tears as he 'contacts' late father

Jake Quickenden breaks down in tears as he 'contacts' late father

Jake's father died in 2008 after being diagnosed with bone cancer.

This is the heartbreaking moment Jake Quickenden broke down in tears after 'contacting' his late father. Watch the emotional clip below:

Reality TV star Jake sought the help of a medium after witnessing a bunch of paranormal events at his family house in the Essex village Boxted.

“The TV turns itself on and off, the lights turn themselves on and off,” Jake says. “I actually really hope this place is haunted if I’m honest. I am a huge believer!”

The 34-year-old has lived at multiple addresses throughout his life, but says he has experienced paranormal activity everywhere.

He explained that he hopes that the entities in his home are his late loved ones.

Jake 'contacted' his late father.

I’d like to think that it was people that are close to me that have passed," he explains. "Over 15 years ago I lost my dad, and then 10 years my little brother; he was only 19 when he passed.

“I’m thinking that if there was anybody who would come visit me it would be those two.”

Jake enlists the Help! My House Is Haunted team – dark arts specialist Ian Lawman, paranormal researcher and historian Jayne Harris, and investigator Barri Ghai – to investigate.

The team suggests that Jake tries to reach out to the spirits in a spirit triggers session, where the team captures spirit voices using an app called Echo Vox.

Barri wants to see if Jake's father Paul and brother Oliver are in the room and Ian asks the spirit's name.

"Dad's here," the spirit says, leaving Jake lost for words.

The I'm a Celeb runner-up asks his dad to step forward and the recorder chimes immediately.

Overcome with emotion, Jake breaks down in tears and takes himself out of the room.

“He’s been trying to get that message through for ages,” Ian says.

Jake wore a heartbreaking tribute to his father and brother to his wedding last year.

Both Jake’s dad and brother died of bone cancer. Paul passed away in 2008 while Oliver was diagnosed with the same illness two years later in 2010 when he was only 16. He died in 2012 surrounded by his family.

Jake and his wife Sophie named their two-year-old son Leo Oliver Quickenden after his late brother.

When Jake and Sophie tied the knot last year, the X Factor contestant wore three pendants pinned to his cream-coloured suit in tribute to his father and brother.

Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted is available to stream now exclusively on discovery+.

Featured Image Credit: Discovery

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