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Louie Spence cooked his mum's ashes then 'spoke to her ghost'

Louie Spence cooked his mum's ashes then 'spoke to her ghost'

The Pineapple Studios star confessed his recent run-ins with paranormal activity on Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted.

Dancer and TV personality, Louie Spence was shocked after 'contacting the ghost of his late mother' on the new series of paranormal investigation TV show, Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted.

The TV show, that aired on Discovery+, followed Pineapple Dance Studios star, Louie Spence who having trouble with things that go bump in the night at his Chelmsford home.

Louie and his sister Tanya took part in the paranormal investigation programme.
Discovery Plus

Louie said that there had been multiple things happen that led him to believe a paranormal entity could be living in his home, from the smell of cigarette smoke to wafts of perfume and other 'unexplained' experiences.

Louie called on a team of haunting experts, including dark arts specialist Ian Lawman, historian and researcher Jayne Harris, and paranormal investigator Barri Ghal to find out just what was happening with his 200-year-old home.

Speaking on how he felt about the possibility of a spirit being found in his home, Louie said: "If it wants to stay or if it wants to go, either way I’m not bothered. I just want to know what it is."

The investigation team used various ghost-hunting apparatus, including a voice box, to seek out spirits.
Discovery Plus

Louie's sister believed that the unusual activity around the home could have been caused by their late mum, who Louie had admitted to 'cooking' after her ashes had gotten damp.

He explained the bizarre scenario, saying: "We had like a marble thing, and then her ashes were inside. Water had got in and she was just this bit of sludge."

"I thought, 'well, I know', we’ll cook her on the AGA. She’d already been burnt at a thousand degrees anyway, so going on the AGA at about 250, I mean it’s not going to hurt her at all!"

He added that he believed the act of 'drying out' her ashes could have released her spirit.

Louie's sister, Tanya has admitted to feeling a presence when round at her brother's cottage, feeling like he was in the doorway with her but wasn't.

Dark arts specialist Ian said he spoke to a paranormal being in the house, saying: "There’s a female in here trying to get my attention. There is a lady here called Pat, or Patricia."

"And she loves this house, but it doesn’t make sense as she’s never been here, but she loves this house."

A voice told Louie that his mum was 'laughing' when he asked "Are you happy?"
Discovery Plus

The investigators then encouraged the siblings to use a digital voice recorder to see if any spirits could communicate through it, which the box picked up a voice saying 'Pat'.

A shocked Louie laughed and explained: "Well, Pat’s our mum," before joking:

"I’m not scared, I’m just thinking if it is mum, did I always shut the door to the bathroom?"

He then spoke to the voice box again, asking: "Is that you, mum?" to which a distorted voiced replied: "It’s mum."

The paranormal TV programme has had numerous celebrities, including musician Toyah Wilcox and Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby looking for closure regarding their concerns with paranormal happenings in their homes.

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