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Neighbours shame woman for how she dresses when she takes the bins out

Ben Thompson

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Every now and then, we've all done this.

It's not something we'd want to make a habit of, but when you need to pop the bins out, you often can't be bothered to get yourself all done up.

And given that most of us have stepped out like this at least once, you think there'd be less judgement about it right?

Apparently not.


One woman revealed that she'd be written a letter about her dressing habits.

In the clip, TikToker @emilyk8zz, can be seen with her hand covering her mouth in shock.

The woman was left mortified by the note. Credit: TikTok/@emilyk8zz
The woman was left mortified by the note. Credit: TikTok/@emilyk8zz

"My neighbour just left me this note," the clip explained.


In the letter, the neighbour can be seen complaining about Emily's choice of clothing while popping to the bins, adding that their husband had seen her on their camera.

"Hi, my husband can see you on our ring camera - please put pants on when you take out your trash!!! - Your neighbour."

Awkward, much?

Other TikTokers thought the note was hilarious, with many taking to the comments section to discuss.


One person wrote: "Write back. 'Thanks but I'm good. Talk to your husband, not me'."

While another said: "Write back to her. nope I'm good thanks lol my yard my business."

And a third added: "Keep doing what you want to do, it's her problem not yours. live your life!"

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I take my trash out all the time in t-shirt and boxer shorts."


The woman captioned the video: "Nah I’m good luv enjoy."

The note was sent after the TikToker took her bins out. Credit: TikTok/@emilyk8zz
The note was sent after the TikToker took her bins out. Credit: TikTok/@emilyk8zz

She isn't the only woman in history to have been judged for how she dresses.

Believe it or not, some people quite enjoy critiquing women's wardrobes and TikTok is a goldmine for this type of behaviour.


One 72-year-old woman was repeatedly told to dress her age by trolls, and mocked their objections to her youthful fashion in a video.

The TikTok shows her acting out a comedy skit, where she can be seen wearing a grey knitted cardigan and tracksuit bottoms of the same colour - all while clinging onto a zimmer frame.

Captioned ‘Like this at 72?’, she then asks her audience: “Does this meet your approval?”

Later in the video, she changes into a completely different outfit and says 'I like this better', underlining that women can wear whatever they like regardless of age.

In this section, she wears a low-cut black bodysuit with slits running across the chest area, paired with ripped jeans and strappy stilettos, as well as silver hoop earrings.

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Ben Thompson
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