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Woman hits back at people who say she dresses ‘inappropriately’ for 72

Woman hits back at people who say she dresses ‘inappropriately’ for 72

Keiko Guest has reminded her TikTok followers she is NOT a grandma and refuses to dress like one

A 72-year-old TikToker has clapped back at trolls who described her outfits as ‘inappropriate’ on the video-sharing platform. You can take a look at some of her pretty great ensembles below:

Keiko Guest (@keikoguestofficial), a dance professional and wellness advocate, has gained a large following on TikTok for her remarkable vitality and age-defying routines.

While her videos have inspired many, it wasn’t long before the comments sections started to be polluted by trolls and users who were critical of her attire.

With Guest often wearing low-cut tops and short dresses, many commenters urged her to ‘dress her age’ - stating that the outfits she chose to wear in videos were too revealing.

Undeterred, the dance teacher - who has over 400k followers on TikTok - hit back with an emphatic response to the hate comments.

She mocked the haters directly in one such video, with an onscreen caption reading 'I am NOT a grandma' before Guest showed off a range of outfits, including dungarees and knee-high boots.


Another TikTok shows Guest acting out a comedy skit, where she can be seen wearing a grey knitted cardigan and tracksuit bottoms of the same colour - all while clinging onto a zimmer frame.

Captioned ‘Like this at 72?’, she then asks her audience: “Does this meet your approval?”

Later in the video, she changes into a completely different outfit and says 'I like this better', underlining that women can wear whatever they like regardless of age.

In this section, Guest wears a low-cut black bodysuit with slits running across the chest area, paired with ripped jeans and strappy stilettos, as well as silver hoop earrings.

As of the time of writing, that particular clip has amassed over 4.6 million views, making it one of her most popular to date.


Guest's unwillingness to back down in the face of criticism, has attracted plenty of supportive comments from fans and new viewers alike.

Many users were stunned by Keiko's athletic physique, with one commenting: "Wow beautiful I hope I look as good as you at 72!"

Another simply encouraged the TikTok star to keep doing what she's doing, adding: "Mam keep slaying…misery loves company."

One admiring social media user said: "When I grow up, I wanna be just like you," while a different person stated: "Ma'am if I looked as good as you then I would dress the same way."

Guest continues to show her thousands of fans that age is just a number.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@keikoguestofficial

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