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'Petty' woman paints house purple after neighbours criticised the colour

'Petty' woman paints house purple after neighbours criticised the colour

Paint your house whatever colour you want, folks

A woman who describes herself as ‘petty’ has doubled down after hearing her neighbours criticise the choice of colour for the outside of her house. You can see what she had to say about it below:

Obviously, style isn’t something that can be taught, nor is it something that everyone is going to agree on.

What one person thinks is incredibly chic, another is certain to think is tacky, tawdry, and all kinds of ugly.

Still, the one inalienable fact remains, it’s all up to you – don’t worry too much about the thoughts of others, so long as you’re happy with your choice.

That’s definitely something you could say about this woman, who decided to paint her house in Louisiana bright purple.

The woman, who goes by the TikTok name @madartzt, explained how she heard her neighbours offering an unsolicited opinion on her decoration, so decided she’d take action.

“So, I’m painting my house, the exterior, and I heard my neighbours talking s*** about the house colour that I chose,” she said.

One of the neighbours apparently said: “Oh, that’s some colour they chose. Sorry you gotta look at it, ugh.”

She says she heard her neighbours criticising her colour choice.

But – to her – the colour is a ‘gorgeous New Orleans purple’ and suits the house perfectly.

Well, it is in Louisiana, and it does match her hair.

Also – crucially – it makes her happy.

So, she doubled down.

“Because I’m petty, I went to the store and decided that I’m also gonna give my house a lavender trim to go with it,” she explained.

“Look, I’m an adult, and I will paint my Sim house whatever colour suits me.

“Whatever colour sparks joy.

“Whatever colour makes me forget about all the cruelties of the world.

“And if anyone says anything, literally just don’t — like, paint your house whatever colour.

“If you’re boring, just say so.”

Solid advice – life is too short to go around wondering what other people think about your purple house.

Luckily, there are plenty of people online who agree with her.

So, she's painting MORE purple onto the house.

One said: “That colour is GORGEOUS.”

Another wrote: “I bet your house is badass!”

A third reassured her: “Purple is a superior colour,

“Plus [it] doesn’t have to make them happy it’s YOUR house.”

Never were truer words spoken.

In another video, the TikToker also showed off the inside of her house, and the eclectic design doesn’t just stop at the outside.

One final time – just do what makes you happy folks.

You’ll be glad that you did, and you’ll be glad that you ignored anyone who told you otherwise.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@madartzt

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