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Mum gets sweet revenge on ex after finding out he was cheating

Mum gets sweet revenge on ex after finding out he was cheating

The smelly prank left her cheating ex struggling for months

It is often said that revenge is a dish best served cold, however, one mum once sought stomach-churning revenge on her cheating boyfriend more than 20 years ago.

Speaking on SBS Insight, Jacqueline Woods said she felt 'wonderful' after pulling off the prank and knowing that her unfaithful boyfriend had been 'driving around with his windows open for months'.

Woods, who is now happily married to someone else and has children, says that cheating revelation first came to light when her then-boyfriend reportedly asked for a break from the relationship.

Her best friend had more information on the situation, however, and told her that he was having an affair with her much younger co-worker.

Woods said the petty move felt 'wonderful'.

Woods said: "The break he was having was with her junior apprentice."

He then 'came to pick up his stuff' after their official breakup and even tried to make a move on her.

So what did she do to get back at him?

Quick-thinking Woods decided to take the cap off an aerosol can, placed octopus from a 'half a kilo' of marinara mix inside and hid it under the seat of his vintage Corolla.

She further explained that the amount of lumps and bumps from springs in the old-fashioned car seats made it the perfect hiding place.

Woods hid octopus in an aerosol can.

Plus the smell of rancid seafood ended up filling the car that winter.

She said: "I felt even better knowing he was driving around with his windows open for months."

And it was made even better when he would leave the house at 6am to go to work, often picking up the girl in his car since she didn't have one.

"It made me feel wonderful to hear they were driving around with the windows down. He was miserable, it made me feel wonderful." Woods admitted.

And she isn't the only person to have delivered some comeuppance on a cheating ex.

After catching her ex chatting with another woman, Jade Butters bought 82 tubes of glitter that she completely covered her ex's belongings with while collecting her things from his house.

In the TikTok clip, Jade pours the coloured sparkles abundantly into his washing up liquid, shoes, money and even a bottle of lube.

And that was only the beginning as she did the rounds adding a little bit of sparkle to every hidden surface along the way.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/ Tero Vesalainen / Alamy Stock Photo

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