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Mum admits she slept with partner in hospital bed just two hours after giving birth

Mum admits she slept with partner in hospital bed just two hours after giving birth

Deborah Hodge slept with her then partner two hours after she gave her birth to her daughter Amelia back in July 2013.

There is certainly a time and a place to get intimate with your partner, though a hospital is not the typical place for such activities.

However, that didn't bother one mum after she admitted to sleeping with her then-partner in a hospital bed.

You are probably wondering what the mum was doing in hospital, well she was actually giving birth to her fourth child.

Just two hours after she gave birth in July 2013, Deborah Hodge, from London, had sex with her then-partner.

She was one of a group of mothers who spoke to The Sun in 2019 about the often taboo topic on how soon after giving birth can you have sex.

Most doctors do recommend waiting six weeks after giving birth to have sex again to allow for healing.

Deborah revealed that she was ready to get under the sheets again within a fortnight after having each of her four children.

Deborah slept with her partner two hours after she gave birth.
YouTube/This Morning

She told The Sun: "As Amelia lay in her cot, my partner and I were having a cuddle on the bed, when before I knew it we were having sex."

It came after the fourth child was a 'happy surprise, as the mum, then 39, thought she would not being able to get pregnant again.

Deborah continued: "There was just this incredible closeness between us. I didn’t feel sexy, but I did feel special.

It was over so quick that I don’t remember feeling any discomfort, but that could have been because I’d had an epidural.

"I couldn’t believe we’d done it – I put it down to all the drugs I was on!

"When I returned home three days later, we made love again. It felt OK and we experimented with different positions to avoid putting pressure on my stitches."

While it may have all been happening in the bedroom, Deborah split up with her then 24-year-old boyfriend just a few months after Amelia was born.

Deborah slept with her then partner in the hospital bed (stock image).

"It rocked me a bit and I felt quite vulnerable being a single mum with a young baby," Deborah told The Sun.

"I somehow muddled through, and now that Amelia is starting school, I’m finally ready to get back on the dating scene again.

"I do think new mums should get back into the saddle when it comes to sex – putting it off isn’t a good idea."

Deborah, a body positivity advocate, has previously appeared on ITV's This Morning to share that walking around in front of her children nude teaches them to feel pride in their bodies.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning/Pexels

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