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Mum left mortified after buying Christmas decoration without realising how rude it looks

Mum left mortified after buying Christmas decoration without realising how rude it looks

She got a lot more than she bargained for with this 'sweet' Christmas sign.

The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us, and for a lot of people, this means decking the halls with whatever they see fit.

While people's choice of Christmas decorations vary, generally speaking, they create a happy, festive vibe, which is why this mum's decoration fail is so hilarious.

Taking to TikTok to share how she got more than she bargained for with her new B&M decoration, the mum explained that she picked up the festive sign because she thought it was 'sweet'.

This Christmas decoration is not as innocent as it looks.

It's easy to see why, too, as it spells out 'FAMILY' with fancy, festive letters, including one in the shape of a Christmas tree and one in the shape of a present.

The letter 'F' has some fun snow decorating it, the 'M' a Santa hat and the 'Y' even has a pair of antlers.

However, the decoration creates something of an optical illusion, and this didn't go unnoticed by the mum, who goes by the name of Nic on TikTok.

She wrote alongside a facepalm emoji: "Buying what I thought was a nice FAMILY Christmas ornament.

"Then realising it says 'F**k My Life'."

As you can imagine, this is probably the last message that this mum was planning to send out to people over the holiday season.

The sweet ornament creates a hilarious optical illusion.
TikTok / @nic.ep79

Thankfully, Nic found the whole thing hilarious and so too did social media users - some of which owned the ornament themselves and didn't even notice the illusion until now.

One wrote: "OMG, I bought that and I can't unsee it now".

"Personally think this exactly need in my house," added a second. "Child/family see the innocence behind it but I know the true meaning FML [sic]."

"Help my mom [sic] has that," added a third while a fourth admitted it would be an appropriate decoration for them in 2022, joking: "For the way this year went, I would get a FML ornament."

"I love the double message. 'Family ... FML !!'," wrote a fifth. "Sums up Christmas for about 90 percent of us."

However, while Nic saw something rude in her Christmas decoration, some viewers thought she had an overactive imagination and insisted that the sign was as 'sweet' as it looked.

One wrote: "She's got some imagination. I can't see what she sees. I only see family."

"Can't see anything wrong with it. Do people search for something to complain about?" questioned another.

What do you think of the decoration? Is it really as innocent as it looks?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/ @nic.ep79 / TikTok

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