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Mum left furious as 'greedy' stepdaughter constantly eats fruit from her fridge

Mum left furious as 'greedy' stepdaughter constantly eats fruit from her fridge

The unnamed woman described her stepdaughter as 'greedy', admitting her eating habits drives her 'crazy'

A mum has been left livid with her 'greedy' stepdaughter as she apparently eats all the fruit from her fridge.

The anonymous woman is far from impressed with her seven-year-old stepdaughter who apparently won't stop eating her fruit despite the family being on a 'tight budget'.

Taking to the parent forum Mumsnet, the woman claimed her food budget had worn thin after her husband's daughter moved in with them back in January.

She explained how she is on maternity leave and the fact her stepdaughter is eating all the fruit is driving her 'crazy'.

She wrote: "We will buy a weekly shop with 2 bunches bananas, few punnets of berries, peaches, melon, grapes, tangerines etc and she will eat her way through the lot in two days.

The woman describes her stepdaughter as 'greedy'.
Nadezda Ledyaeva / Alamy Stock Photo

"For example, yesterday she ate a punnet and a half of raspberries, three peaches, four tangerines, some grapes, a slice of melon and two bananas. This is on a school day (so she eats this at breakfast and in the evening)."

The woman then explained how her stepdaughter struggles to eat an evening meal because of all the fruit she has been snacking on during the day.

She adds that the seven-year-old takes from the fridge without asking and doesn't leave any for her and her husband.

"I’ve spoken to my husband about this and he says she is a growing child and at least fruit is good for her," the woman continued.

"Fair enough I buy fruit partly for her to eat, but the amount seems greedy to me, and beyond what is necessary for a healthy child."

She continued: "I want her to learn that food costs money, we don’t have a bottomless pit of it and you don’t just gorge on whatever you want because you are bored/tired/didn’t eat your dinner, you ration portions in a family so everyone gets a fair share."

The woman claims the seven-year-old does not share the fruit.

Many Mumsnet users have flocked to the comment section of the post to provide their thoughts, with the opinion very much divided.

"Comfort eating, she gone with living with mum to step mum and and her dad," one user points it down to.

A second added: "Unpleasant to call a 7 year old eating fruit 'greedy'. But it's reasonable to expect her to eat her evening meal before snacking her way through fruit."

Meanwhile, a third remarked: "Not unreasonable at all. That’s a ridiculous amount of fruit to be eating in one day, and like you say, never mind the cost, she is going to end up making herself ill."

Featured Image Credit: Nadezda Ledyaeva / Alamy Stock Photo / Pexels

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