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Mum slammed after refusing to allow daughter, 31, to sleep in same room as her partner

Mum slammed after refusing to allow daughter, 31, to sleep in same room as her partner

The mum has received some much criticism online after revealing her unusual demand on Reddit.

A mum has been slammed online for refusing to allow her 31-year-old daughter to sleep in the same room as her partner.

Of course, parents can be rather overprotective at times, but sometimes they can go a bit far.

And, according to the internet, this mum has way overstepped the mark after refusing to allow her daughter to sleep in the same room as her wife when she paid them a visit.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit to explain her situation, and it is fair to say that she has received serious backlash as a result of it.

Taking to the 'AmItheA**hole' Reddit forum, the mum wrote: "My daughter (31F), her wife (33F) and their son (5M) live in a different state. I (60F) always am the one who goes to visit them in their house."

She then explained how her daughter was coming back home for a bit with her wife as they are having some renovation work done to their home.

The mum's daughter was coming home to stay, but that wasn't half the story.

As well as that, the daughter planned on catching up with some of her old friends and family, so staying at her mum's was ideal.

However, it all didn't go too well, as the mum revealed that she had prepared three separate rooms - one for her daughter, one for her daughter's wife, and one for her grandson.

The 31-year-old daughter was apparently furious, and demanded that she could sleep in the same room as her wife.

The mum continued: "I said I made her brother and his wife do the same thing when they visited and they never complained. "

But the daughter had enough, and her and wife ended up heading to a hotel instead of staying at her mum's.

"My daughter is still kind of cold to me and my friends think I acted like an a**hole. Was I the a**hole?" the mum concluded.

The daughter is apparently still not best pleased with her mum.

Over 4,000 Reddit users have since flocked to the comment section of the post since it was released, with many having harsh words for the mum.

"Your daughter simply isn't willing to take s**t like her brother. Good for her," one person wrote.

A second added: "They are a married couple. Why are you trying to dictate whether or not they sleep next to each other? I would've got a hotel if I was them too!"

Another person said they too would be 'severely irritated' if they were her daughter, adding: "I really would like to hear why you feel that you need to do this to your MARRIED children."

And a fourth said that her daughter 'wasn't a teenager you need to be trying to protect from the atrocity that is sex out of wedlock'.

Meanwhile, a fifth remarked: "What in the world is your reasoning for this? They are married. Your son is married. And you want them to sleep apart from their spouses why?"

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