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New girl's name tops list of most popular baby names for 2022

Gregory Robinson

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New girl's name tops list of most popular baby names for 2022

Featured Image Credit: JOHN KELLERMAN / Alamy Stock Photo Katarepsius / Alamy Stock Photo

Choosing the perfect name for your child is no easy task, especially when it involves taking into account the opinions of your partner, parents and in-laws.


Not to mention all the forums, lists and celebrities who could influence your decision.

Some parents have even admitted to being reduced to tears daily after choosing the 'wrong' name.


No pressure folks!

Well, if you're having a girl and you're struggling to pick a fantastic name, you may be in the right place.

Alternatively, if you want to get an early idea of what could be the most popular names by the time your toddler goes to school and you want to avoid those names at all costs in favour of something unique, you're probably in the right place as well.

According to new findings from BabyCentre, the top 100 baby boys’ and girls’ names of the year have drawn inspiration from a range of sources.

The top girl's names of 2022 have been unveiled. Credit: Unsplash.
The top girl's names of 2022 have been unveiled. Credit: Unsplash.

We're talking about our favourite reality show Love Island to the revival of '90s trends.

Tens of thousands of parents have registered their baby name choices on the BabyCentre website over the past year and we now have the results.

Coming in at number one on the girl's list is Sophia, followed by Lily and Olivia completing the top three.


Sophia jumped one place to snatch the top spot and last year's most popular name, Olivia, fell to third place. Lily also leap-frogged Olivia and settled into the runner-up position.

Choosing the perfect name is not easy. Credit: Unsplash.
Choosing the perfect name is not easy. Credit: Unsplash.

There were more changes lower down the chart where Isla climbed three placed to number four and Maya leapt a whopping 10 places into the top 10 at number nine. Ava remained steady at number five - good for her!

The same can't be said for Scarlett. The name tumbled down the charts with the biggest drop in the girls’ chart, falling 42 places to number 92.


Top 100 baby girls' names of 2022:

1. Sophia

2. Lily

3. Olivia


4. Isla

5. Ava

6. Amelia

7. Freya

8. Aria

9. Maya

10. Ivy

11. Emily

12. Isabella

13. Mia

14. Grace

15. Evie

16. Zara

17. Millie

18. Ella

19. Hannah

20. Daisy

21. Rosie

22. Elsie

23. Willow

24. Luna

25. Poppy

26. Zoe

27. Isabelle

28. Sophie

29. Sienna

30. Ada

31. Nur

32. Florence

33. Charlotte

34. Evelyn

35. Emilia

36. Maryam

37. Fatima

38. Harper

39. Phoebe

40. Ayla

41. Mila

42. Maisie

43. Chloe

44. Hallie

45. Eliana

46. Layla

47. Lyla

48. Emma

49. Erin

50. Eva

51. Alice

52. Aurora

53. Aaliyah

54. Ruby

55. Matilda

56. Leah

57. Bella

58. Thea

59. Nora

60. Molly

61. Anna

62. Darcie

63. Lottie

64. Eleanor

65. Robyn

66. Violet

67. Maeve

68. Anaya

69. Maddison

70. Arabella

71. Maria

72. Holly

73. Ellie

74. Penelope

75. Imogen

76. Lucy

77. Talia

78. Rose

79. Mirha

80. Bonnie

81. Eliza

82. Iris

83. Abigail

84. Nova

85. Aisha

86. Nancy

87. Orla

88. Gabriella

89. Gracie

90. Esme

91. Jessica

92. Scarlett

93. Amira

94. Elizabeth

95. Jasmine

96. Olive

97. Lara

98. Lola

99. Mabel

100. Harriet

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Gregory Robinson
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