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Woman finds hilarious note previous owner left under her wallpaper in the 90s

Woman finds hilarious note previous owner left under her wallpaper in the 90s

A viral Reddit photo shows a message one woman found when she stripped back her wallpaper, dated 21 December 1997

A woman ended up going viral after making a surprise discovery underneath her wallpaper, having found a ‘very British response’ waiting for her.

Homes are often filled with signs of former life, whether it’s pencil marks on a doorframe denoting the growing heights of children or a mouldy, old forgotten carrot that you discover in the fridge on the day you move in.

But one Reddit user found something altogether more exciting when she stripped back her wallpaper, where someone had left her a message that included some crucial DIY advice.

One woman found some DIY advice after stripping back her wallpaper.
Axel Bueckert/Alamy Stock Photo

The note, signed by someone called Jon, was dated 21 December 1997, meaning it had laid undisturbed for years.

User Brilliantas shared the photo a couple of years ago, writing: “A very British response, cheers Jon!”

In the note, Jon said: "If you ever need to wallpaper this room again, it will take eight rolls of wallpaper. I bought just six rolls at £17 per roll on 5/12/97 and I didn't have enough. It really p***ed me off."

According to, prices for wallpaper today range from £5 to £60+ for a roll.

Many Reddit users loved Jon’s humorous response, with one commenting: “Jon, wherever you are, you're a bloody star.”

Another said: “In fairness to Jon, this wallpaper has lasted 23 years. It was a good investment imo.”

A third pointed out: “What kind of madman puts up wallpaper 4 days before Christmas?”

The note was dated 21 December 1997.

Many others shared similar stories from their own homes, whether it was something they’d done themselves to trick future tenants, or an interesting detail they’d discovered after moving in.

One said: “When I was like 17 we redid the flooring in my room, I wrote ‘free your mind you’re a*s will follow' on the slab.

"An elderly couple bought the place, I like to believe they went to put some carpet in to keep their feet warm, but ended up living their best life listening to the chili peppers, taking it one spliff at a time.”

Another wrote: “The floorboards upstairs in my house have ReDrUm written a bunch of times in red paint under the laminate. I also did a massive pentagram under the loose carpet in a student flat I once rented. I like spooky stuff.”

A third said: “I found a similar note. Room dimensions and rolls needed. The previous decorator had left a corner unbound and tucked into the skirting so it was fairly easily found well before we started stripping the walls. Didn't really matter though we sanded, skimmed and painted the s**t out of that room.”

A fourth added: “I still plan to paint a big moustache next time I redecorate, so in the far future when we strip the walls to decorate again, I can turn to my wife and say ‘you found my secret stash’.”

Featured Image Credit: Axel Bueckert/Alamy Stock Photo Reddit

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