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Women share the controversial and 'lazy' presents men should avoid buying this Christmas

Women share the controversial and 'lazy' presents men should avoid buying this Christmas

Clothes, lingerie, concert tickets, trips abroad, pets and vouchers are all NO GOES!

When it comes to Christmas gift-giving, some celebrants use the phrase 'it's the thought that counts' when asked by their partner what they'd like to receive.

Others, however, take a less modest approach to the festive period, giving specific lists to their loved ones - complete with links, colours, sizes and prices.

Taking this concept to another level, a pair of Australian social media stars have contrived a very detail list of items that their boyfriends and partners should be AVOIDING this Christmas.

Alex Hourigan and Sally McMullen - hosts of the much-loved Sydney-based podcast Two Broke Chicks - firstly insisted that gifts are "only acceptable if they're accompanied by a gift receipt".

This would gift the receiver the opportunity to exchange or return the potentially unwanted present for a refund.

The two then dove headfirst into their list of what NOT to buy them this festive season.

The Aussie podcasters warned their male listeners what not to buy for their girlfriends.

"F***ing love heart necklace, don’t do it," Alex hit out, before listing teddy bears or any "creepy" stuffed toys, and jewellery.

"Gold or silver jewellery..." the duo explained. "They’re for two different girlies. If you don’t know, don’t buy it."

The pair then went on to dub perfume a "risky" gift, unless you know your girlfriend's signature scent.

Similarly, on the subject of rings, clothes, lingerie or shoes, they emphasise that if you aren't 100 per cent certain on the right size, to avoid these such items at all costs.

"Just don’t do it because the whole ordeal of having to return and find the actual size in stock somewhere is just a headache," Alex told listeners.

"I would just avoid it unless you are 100 per cent sure you know their size or go into their wardrobe and look at their shoe size — but even then I found it’s so inconsistent between brands.

She went on: "Sometimes I’m a size five, and sometimes I’m a size seven. 99 per cent sure you don’t know her size either."

And it turns out, the length of time you've been with your partner also makes a difference when it comes to what you should or should not buy them this Christmas.




Apparently, buying experience-based items - including holidays, weekends away, spa-breaks, concert tickets - that take place a year in advance are a definite no go.

The duo warned shoppers not to buy pets for Christmas presents.
Getty/Sally Anscombe

"We’re talking flights, experiences or concerts because by three months, it’s still very new, it’s fresh, you’re still kind of learning more about each other.

"There’s nothing worse than booking a holiday... you’re maybe a year in and you’re kind of on the rocks... Then you don’t really want to go on holiday with this person anymore but you kind of want to break up but ‘we’ve got Bali in three months’ — the worst."

The same is the case when it comes to buying your loved one a pet.

"I know couples who were in a bit of a rocky patch in their relationship and then one of them bought a dog for Christmas," they continued.

"Don’t buy pets in general. I know this hurts, it hurts me too because I’ve had the fantasy of getting a puppy for Christmas since I was three years old.

The duo came up with a list of what NOT to buy.

"But the amount of animals that go into shelters after Christmas is completely devastating."

Gift vouchers were then described by the podcasting pair as "lazy", who went on to warn shoppers not to buy a gift that's based on your own preferences, including Taylor Swift tickets, or clothes you want your partner to wear.

You might be thinking that this doesn't leave many options available, and you'd be correct.

Good luck this Christmas!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@twobrokechicks/Getty Stock Image

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