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Woman who broke down after working her first 9 to 5 shift reveals she’s lost her job

Woman who broke down after working her first 9 to 5 shift reveals she’s lost her job

The TikTok star who once hit the headlines after breaking down over her in-person job revealed she'd been let go

Last year, a TikToker named Brielle hit headlines all over the world after sharing a video of herself breaking down in tears at the prospect of going to work.

The blonde beauty opened up to her following about how much she was struggling with the adjustment from uni life to a full-fledged 9-5 career.

Because it turns out, adult life means you can't skip your quarterly financial review because you're too hungover to attend.

Honestly, the realisation that you're no longer 18 is a startling one, and honestly, girl, we've all been there.

Anyway, in the video that went viral back in October 2023, the social media star sobbed: "I know I'm probably just being so dramatic and annoying, but this is my first job, like my first 9 to 5 job after college.

"I'm in person, and I'm commuting in the city, and it takes me f***ing forever to get there. There's no way I'm gonna be able to afford living in the city right now, so that's off the table."

Brielle previously vented about how stressful and time-consuming her new job has been.

Explaining that her long commute means she struggles to balance her meals, sleeping schedule, gym routine and social life, Brielle gained mass attention for crying: "If it was remote you get off at 5 and you’re home and everything’s fine.

"And I know it could be worse. I know I could be working longer, but like, I literally get off [and] it's pitch black. How do you have friends?

"How do you have time to meet a guy? How do you have time for dating? I don't have time for anything, and I'm so stressed out."

Less than two months later, however, in an unforeseen twist of fate, it looks as though Brielle's prayers were answered.

That's because the online star has confessed in December that she'd actually been LET GO from her job!

The TikToker later revealed she'd been let go.

Once again taking to TikTok, the social media star revealed she'd been laid off.

She captioned the post: "Can someone tell me im going to be okay !!!! feels like the world is ending i need a job immediately i am feeling so lost rn like i moved for this...!?"

It was then that Brielle told her story to the camera: "I'm not going to sit here and cry, but I got laid off of my first post-grad job and the one that took me five months to find and I moved to New York City for."

The online sensation began by claiming, 'it's not my fault - before we start', claiming the company 'didn't have the workload or the bandwidth that they needed to train me and to give me work to do'.

Brielle went on at the time: "Come January 2nd, I need a new job and I don't have one.

Brielle asked for advice from her followers.

"I haven't even told most of my friends," she admitted. "If I post this, it's because I actually thought it through.

"Getting laid off before the holidays, that means the hiring processes stop right before Christmas and then they go all the way to January 2nd, and then they pick back up."

Fearing that going through the hiring process again would 'kill' her, Brielle admitted she hoped this phase of life was a 'transition period', she requested advice from her followers once again.

One fan encouraged her: "You've got the platform that you could literally start making this a career try to start reaching out to brands to supplement income and eventually."

A second went on: "I got laid off twice 2x this year, it’s horrible! I feel u. I’ve been doing side hustles/unemployment rn. Get on unemployment ASAP!"

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/@brielleybelly123

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