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Woman shares ‘miracle hangover cure’ that works no matter how much she drinks

Woman shares ‘miracle hangover cure’ that works no matter how much she drinks

There's no proof that the 'cure' works, but this woman swears by it

A woman has claimed that making one simple change to your pre-drinking routine could leave you hangover free every time.

The TikToker took to social media to share her tips, and while it's certainly not scientifically proven that this works, a number of other users have claimed they also swear by the same trick.

You can hear all about it below:

In the clip, TikToker @lifeofkatiewilliams explained how the trick was 'the hack of the century' and 'too good not to share'.

She said: "I've discovered the hack of the century and it is too good not to share. I can't find the original person who posted it but rest assured it has been tried and tested many times and it works.

"No matter how little or how much I have drunk I do not get a hangover when I take this before drinking."

Katie went on to explain the hangover 'cure' consisted of folic acid, vitamin B complex and magnesium.

"You just need folic acid, B complex - this stuff makes your pee bright yellow - and magnesium. Combine those three with a bit of water and - chef's kiss - no hangover! Coming from the queen of hangovers, try it."

The woman shared her 'miracle cure'.

Other TikTokers were quick to comment, sharing their own stories and discussing the remedy.

One person wrote: "I do the B complex the morning after and it’s absolutely works everytime!"

While another said: "I can confirm this works so good!! Had a 4 day wedding and this is the only reason I managed."

And a third added: "This made me feel so much better immediately that I started taking it twice a day regardless if I’m drinking. I have noticeably more energy."

Others offered up their own advice, with one writing: "I just have a berocca before bed wake up fine."

And another said: "Eating asparagus before a night of drinking! 100%."

While a third joked: "The best hangover cure hands down is not drinking alcohol."

And a fourth added: "I norms have cup of tea and vegimite toast before bed."

Others said they had also tried the trick.

TikTok is filled with all kinds of different tips and tricks, and a few months ago we told you how one woman shared a rather strange hack that she claims will 'cure' a hangover in 30 seconds flat.

The trick definitely had some mixed reviews from other social media users - you can read all about it here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lifeofkatiewilliams

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