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Man 'hits the jackpot' after paying over £500 for pallet of Amazon returns

Man 'hits the jackpot' after paying over £500 for pallet of Amazon returns

Connor bagged himself all kinds of things from a pregnancy pillow to car coils in his huge pallet of returns

A man totally ‘hit the jackpot' after paying over £500 for pallet of returned Amazon products.

Plenty of us online shopping veterans will admit to being guilty of returning the occasional item simply because we’ve changed our mind or realised maybe we don’t need that spare travel hairdryer for the trip we haven’t even booked.

But little is known to us about what actually happens to the product when we send it back – we just want our cash back.

Obviously, one of the biggest havens for online shopping is Amazon, so we can only imagine the amount of returns they must get.

A very popular trend now is to buy those returned items in pallets, with YouTubers documenting their treasures like Dyson and GHD products.

ConnorTV decided to bag himself an Amazon returns pallet for a high $675 (£547), explaining in his video: “These here are all items that people ended up returning from Amazon, and instead of Amazon returning them, they send them to a liquidation company."

There were all kinds of huge boxes in the pallet.

He was at Detroit Pallet Liquidation to pick up his investment, starting off with some disappointment.

The young lad found all kinds of baby-related items inside his haul with a slumber pod and pregnancy pillow as well as a changing table.

Joking it was ‘preparing him for the future’, he did admit he was ‘done’ with all the baby bits.

But then he started to find some artwork, lawn mower tiers and air filters.

And turns out those air filters could help make quite the cash prize, saying that ‘profit-wise’ they were the ‘best thing’ so far.

Having four of them, he found out they were selling online for $185 (£150) each.

Connor reckons he could make a couple of thousand with the haul.

He also found his ‘favourite item so far’, an axe throwing set, as well as a massive pool float, car seat covers and a broken teapot set.

Connor said in the video: “Most of this stuff, even if it isn't for you, is just great for flipping stuff. So if you're a flipper and you like to buy stuff and flip it, this is perfect for that.

“We're already at six-hundred and something dollars and we're not even close to being done! This is like the biggest mystery haul that we've ever done."

And for his major jackpot, he discovered car coils that were selling new on the site for $1200 (£971), which he was in disbelief over saying ‘ain’t no flippin way’.

Also in his haul, Connor bagged a chair cushion, tent cover, pool storage, a safe, a tripod and more slightly random items.

Keeping a couple things for himself, he reckons he could make $3,350 (£2,711) in profit from the returns pallet – what a win.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ConnorTV

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